Houston 2021

Lucky Leaf Houston CBD Convention Schedule

We are hard at work getting the speaker lineup ready!

Please check back two weeks before the show. Thanks!

Thursday November 4, 2021

9:30 am-6:00 pm
Meeting Room 600

Pre-Show Business Crash Course

Friday November 5 & Saturday November 6, 2021

Expo + Seminars

9:00 am
Exhibit Hall E1

Registration Opens & Badge Pick Up Available 

9:20 am

Speaker Rooms Open for Seating ( 3rd Floor Rooms 600-603)

10:00 am -5:00 pm
Exhibit Hall E 1

Expo Floor Hours ( First Floor Exhibit Hall E 1) 

10:00 am -5:00 pm

Seminars & Panels in Progress * See Speaker Schedule for more info

Special Events

Live Cooking Demos Both Days




Houston CBD Convention Speaker Schedule

Friday November 5, 2021

Friday: Room 600

10:00 am -10:50 am
Khadijah Adams

Getting Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Industry

11:00 am-11:50 am
James Johnson

Hemp 101

12:00-1:00 pm

Check out business panel

1:00-1:50 pm
Chip Schweiger

The 11 Basics Every Cannapreneur Should Know About Cannabis Accounting

2:00 pm-2:50 pm
Courtney Lewallen

6 Common Pitfalls Guaranteed  to Compromise Your Product Label

3:00 pm -3:50 pm
Asa Waldstein

What Can Marketers Learn From FDA/FTC Enforcement Trends

4:00 pm -4:50 pm
Tajana Surlan

Grow Relationships to Thrive

Friday: Room 601

10:00 am -10:50 am
Justin Esquivel & Ricky Rainbolt

Genetic Selecting & Strategic Cultivation

11:00 am -11:50 am
Monica Cervantes

Legal, Regulatory, & Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

12:00 pm -12:50 pm
Reena Kaven

Dosing + Microdosing CBD: How much is Right for You

1:00 pm -1:50 pm
Paul Stevenson

Hitting the Mark on Hemp Trademarks

2:00 pm -2:50 pm
Panel: Cultivation

Paul Dudley, Sage, Andrew Bish, 

3:00 pm -3:50 pm
Jokubas Ziburkus

Medical Cannabis In Texas 

4:00 pm -4:50 pm
Andrew Bish

Hemp Profitability: 2021

Friday Panel

Panel: Business

Asa Waldstein, Dominik Hussl, Lee Vernon, Shayda Torabi, Khadijah Adams

2:00-2:50 pm
Panel: Cultivation

Andrew Bish, Paul Dudley, Mathew Clark, Stephen Raisner, Sage Howell, 

Saturday November 6, 2021

Saturday: Room 600

10:00 am – 10:50 am
Shayda Torabi

How to Stand Out In A Crowded CBD Market

11:00 am- 11:50 pm
Sid Miller & Ilissa Nolan

Panel: State of Texas Hemp

12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Leah Lakstins

Hemp Retail Operations

1:00 pm- 1:50 pm
Mathew Clark

Hemp Drying Basics & Strategies Advanced Strategies

2:00 pm – 2:50 pm
Lee Vernon

CBD/Hemp Business Start Up: 5 Key components to building a successful business foundation 

3:00 pm-3:50 pm
Rose Taylor

Cannabis Tax Codes: Keeping you ahead of the law

4:00 pm-4:50 pm
Andy Anderson

Safe, Secure & Legal Credit Card Processing

Saturday: Room 601

10:00 am- 10:50 am
Christopher Eggers

Cannabis Physical Security & Common Pitfalls

11:00 am- 11:50 am
Sage Howell

Draped Up & Dripped Out: Organic Cannabis Is What I am Talking About

12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Dominik Hussl

How To Avoid Bad SEO Providers & Spot Good Ones

1:00 pm-2:50 pm
Panel: Business Panel

Andrea Steel, 

2:00 pm – 2:50 pm
Paul Dudley

MicroClimate Systems for Growers-Initial Planning Creates Operational Efficiency & Savings

3:00- pm- 3:50 pm
Richard Cheng & Dr Medrano

Healthcare Provider Legal Concerns & Evolution of Medical Marijuana Programs

4:00- pm- 4:50 pm
Christopher Eggers

Cannabis Physical Security & Common Pitfalls

Saturday Panels: Location 3

11:00-11:50 am
Panel: Sid Miller & Ilissa Nolan

The State of Texas Hemp: Where We Are, How We Got Here & Where We’re Headed

1:00-1:50 pm
Panel: Business

Andrea Steel

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