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      5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Cannabis Expo If Marijuana Isn’t Legalized in Your State

      Only 17 states in the United States still maintain criminal penalties for the possession or consumption of marijuana.  Unfortunately, it is possible that you still reside in one of those states and are uncertain about what you should do as far as getting involved in the cannabis industry. You may see others around you finally able to profit in this industry, but you are unable to do so yourself. If that is the case, you will need some powerful reasons to attend a cannabis expo. We want to share with you some of the reasons why you should still consider going to such an event even if cannabis is not legal in your state.

      Create Connections

      You may not be able to sell cannabis products in your state just yet, but you can learn from those who are currently selling in other states. This is useful both in terms of making connections with people who are doing what you want to do, and also because you can potentially learn from their mistakes. The legal cannabis industry is so new in most states that there are still people trying to figure out the ropes. In fact, Colorado became the first state to pass a law allowing for the legal consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes back in 2012. Thus, no state has more than a decade of experience dealing with the recreational side of this product.

      When speaking with others at the expo, try to get information from them about:

      • Best practices during the start-up stage
      • Early pitfalls that you can avoid
      • Their outlook on legalization in your state

      People at events like this tend to have a much broader knowledge of the subject than the average person out on the street. Thus, you can trust the wisdom of what they have to say to you. You can decide for yourself if you would like to take their advice to heart or not, but you should certainly hear them out.

      Educate Yourself

      There are certainly things about the cannabis business that you simply don’t know about. When you attend a cannabis expo, you can educate yourself on new and emerging topics within the industry from the people who know about these types of things. Get your best information directly from the people who operate in the trenches day in and day out.

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      Educate yourself at a cannabis expo

      While attending one of these events, don’t forget to do the extras such as signing up for seminars and speaking with the true experts in the field. It can be a little intimidating for some people to just walk up to someone else and start peppering them with questions about cannabis, but the people who go to these expos honestly tend to love the opportunities for interaction with others. They will happily answer your questions and provide you with the resources you need to learn even more after you leave.

      See New Products

      The newest products to hit the cannabis industry will all be on display for you to see at a cannabis expo. Vendors love to show off their latest innovations and get feedback from the types of people who would attend such an event in the first place. The immense value that can be gleaned from attending an event where new products are on display for the world to see is truly incredible.

      This can help you make some early decisions about what kind of products you may want to feature in your own shop in the future if you are to open a location for yourself when your state finally legalizes the ability to sell cannabis in your state.

      A Fun Change of Pace

      Most of us have been locked in our homes for the better part of two years due to the COVID-19 virus, and it is obvious that changing things up and having some fun is on the minds of many people:

      The parties at the event and vendor-hosted events will provide you a constant stream of opportunities to meet new friends in the industry. Networking, friendships and good times are a guarantee.

      Why not work a cannabis expo event into your weekend so you can see something a little different and break up your routine? We all need to take a step away from the rut that we can find ourselves in if we do nothing but work all of the time. These events offer an opportunity for fun that you may not have otherwise had.

      The Laws Can Change in Your Area

      Almost every remaining state that has completely banned marijuana within its borders is considering changing their policies on this. In fact, you can use this helpful tracker to identify the number of relevant marijuana legalization bills that are making their way through the corridors of various state governments. The states are viewing the tax revenues that can be brought in by providing legalized marijuana, and they are all eager to get their own piece of the pie. It seems like changes to the law may occur at any time in virtually any state, and that is a very big deal for people who live in an area where it is currently illegal.

      If your state is suddenly added to the list of places where marijuana can be legally bought and sold, you don’t want to be caught flat-footed. You will need to take near immediate action to jump into gear and start producing the products that people want. Attending some of these expos ahead of time can help you learn what you need to know about the industry and how to operate successfully within it.

      There are hundreds of cannabis expos that are taking place throughout the country every year. We would like for you to attend them if you can. Please contact us for more information about why you should bother going to these types of events even if marijuana is not currently legal in your state. We have the answers for you and can help you see why it is so important to get out to these events.

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