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    Oklahoma City

    Sept. 22-23, 2022
    Thursday & Friday, 10AM – 5PM
  • medical marijuana expo mississippi | jackson cannabis expos mississippi | marijuana conference jackson


    October 7-8, 2022
    Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
  • Albuquerque

    October 21-22
    Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
  • Albany

    April 14-15 2023
    Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM

Cannabis Conventions & Expos

At Lucky Leaf Expo, we’re committed to delivering life-changing experiences with cannabis events that feature opportunities for education, networking, and business growth.

Our proactive and comprehensive approach to planning every expo yields appearances by industry luminaries, exhibits for businesses at the forefront of the ever-expanding cannabis marketplace, and ample opportunities for B2B connection that fuels growth and development.

Created principally as a B2B platform for growers, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, accountants, attorneys, marketers, journalists, executives, and more, our cannabis conferences are open to businesses and consumers looking to learn about advances in cannabis and connect with like-minded proponents of legalization, research, and expansion.

Whether you’re interested in speaking at one of our events, you’d like to join our list of quality exhibitors, you’re looking to gain exposure as a sponsor, or you simply want to purchase tickets to attend an upcoming event, feel free to check out our FAQs or contact us to learn more.

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    What to Expect at Lucky Leaf Cannabis Conventions

     Discover the rapidly growing world of cannabis at a Lucky Leaf Expo! With expert speakers and a full showroom of exhibitors, we’ve got you covered — everything from science, health and wellness, cultivation, business strategies, new opportunities, legal, branding, start-ups, growth, policy reform and more at our cannabis business expo. Learn, network and explore at a Southwest cannabis business expo and conference!

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    Speakers & Panels

    Learn from professionals in every niche of the cannabis industry at a Lucky Leaf cannabis business expo.



    The most successful brands and entrepreneurs in the cannabis world are exhibiting at a Lucky Leaf cannabis business conference.

    austin cbd convention sponsors

    Canna Museum

    Learn the roots of agriculture, healing, industry and more.



    Connect with other cannabis industry professionals. Make your own luck at a Lucky Leaf Expo!

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    Relax and celebrate with your peers after a productive show. Solidify your connections over cocktails and convo after the Southwest cannabis conference!

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    Pre-Show Crash Course

    At Lucky Leaf Expo, we go out of our way to create positive, high-value experiences for every attendee. We want each event to be unforgettable. This starts with carefully selecting premier locations from cities in legalized states. We find accommodating venues at the heart of the city that offer easy access to lodgings, attractions, and other amenities.

    While we’re always happy to return to cities that have hosted our events before, we also pride ourselves on expanding into emerging markets. Oftentimes, we’re among the first cannabis expos to visit a state following legalization.

    With so many successful events under our belt and a strong reputation for excellence, we’re able to schedule truly outstanding rosters of speakers and panelists from among the most knowledgeable and renowned industry leaders.

    Our events also attract hundreds of top-notch exhibitors, including innovative leaders and entrepreneurs in the cannabis marketplace.
    For each event, we provide ample opportunity to register, purchase tickets, or even participate as a speaker or exhibitor. Attendees can choose from a range of packages to customize event participation to their liking.

    Maps and schedules help you plan your time and navigate the event, and we’re pleased to provide information about accommodations and amenities in and around the area to help you plan the perfect trip.

    What will you love about Lucky Leaf Expo events?

    Thursday Pre-Show
    Crash Course

    This comprehensive business & entrepreneur crash course provides in-depth training on the cannabis supply chain to help you successfully launch or progress your cannabis career. Gain insights and strategies from expert cannabis professionals in this intensive, day-long workshop. Acquire new skills and insider knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and propel your business forward. Learn about the market demand and revenue growth opportunities in this vast industry, from seed to sale and everything in between.

    Let’s Get Social


    What Sets Lucky Leaf Expo Cannabis Events Apart?

    At Lucky Leaf Expo, we understand your passion for the cannabis industry because we share the same drive to increase access to cannabis and the positive effects it can have for individual health and wellbeing.

    We know that cannabis can also impact economies for the better, and it all starts with you – the cannabis businesses that are taking strides to advance inclusion, awareness, education, and advocacy.

    What sets us apart from other cannabis industry conferences is that we do it for the love of products and communities that can benefit all mankind. We strive to support businesses like yours that are moving the industry forward.

    You are the force for change in the cannabis marketplace, and we aim to support and applaud you by offering incredible value when you attend our shows.

    The Very Best Cannabis Industry Expos

    We don’t do anything by half measures at Lucky Leaf Expo. If we’re going to put our heart and soul into planning and organizing cannabis conventions, we’re going to give 110%.

    It’s our dedication to excellence that has helped us to earn a reputation for hosting superior trade events, complete with iconic speakers, diverse exhibitors, and endless opportunities to learn and connect.

    If you’re looking for the very best cannabis events to attend, you’ll find everything you hope for and more when you join Lucky Leaf Expo.

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