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        Kansas City

        March 24-25, 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Kansas City Pre-Show Crash Course

        March 23, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        April 14-15 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Albany Pre-Show Crash Course

        April 13, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        May 5-6, 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Jackson Pre-Show Crash Course

        May 4, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        June 8-9, 2023
        Thursday & Friday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Edison Pre-Show Crash Course

        June 7, 2023
        Wednesday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        July 21-22, 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Baltimore Pre-Show Crash Course

        July 20, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        September 22-23, 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        Albuquerque Pre-Show Crash Course

        September 21, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM
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        St. Louis

        October 6-7, 2023
        Friday & Saturday, 10AM – 5PM
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        St. Louis Pre-Show Crash Course

        October 5, 2023
        Thursday, 9:30AM – 6:00PM

      Cannabis Conventions & Expos

      At Lucky Leaf Expo, we’re committed to delivering life-changing experiences with cannabis events that feature opportunities for education, networking, and business growth.

      What to Expect at Lucky Leaf Cannabis Conventions

       Discover the rapidly growing world of cannabis at a Lucky Leaf Expo! With expert speakers and a full showroom of exhibitors, we’ve got you covered — everything from science, health and wellness, cultivation, business strategies, new opportunities, legal, branding, start-ups, growth, policy reform and more at our cannabis business expo. Learn, network and explore at a Southwest cannabis business expo and conference!

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      Speakers & Panels

      Learn from professionals in every niche of the cannabis industry at a Lucky Leaf cannabis business expo.



      The most successful brands and entrepreneurs in the cannabis world are exhibiting at a Lucky Leaf cannabis business conference.

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      Canna Museum

      Learn the roots of agriculture, healing, industry and more.



      Connect with other cannabis industry professionals. Make your own luck at a Lucky Leaf Expo!

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      Relax and celebrate with your peers after a productive show. Solidify your connections over cocktails and convo after the Southwest cannabis conference!

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      Pre-Show Crash Course

      At Lucky Leaf Expo, we go out of our way to create positive, high-value experiences for every attendee. We want each event to be unforgettable. This starts with carefully selecting premier locations from cities in legalized states. We find accommodating venues at the heart of the city that offer easy access to lodgings, attractions, and other amenities.

      Thursday Pre-Show
      Crash Course

      This comprehensive business & entrepreneur crash course provides in-depth training on the cannabis supply chain to help you successfully launch or progress your cannabis career. Gain insights and strategies from expert cannabis professionals in this intensive, day-long workshop. Acquire new skills and insider knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and propel your business forward. Learn about the market demand and revenue growth opportunities in this vast industry, from seed to sale and everything in between.

      Let’s Get Social


      The focus of this seminar is the creation of healthy environments for your indoor cultivation spaces. We will explore the major factors that go into developing an ideal climate for your garden to thrive. Humidity control is where Anden plants its flag and we will discuss a number of popular trends in humidity control. We will look into the considerations for and the limitations of differing systems. There is no “one right way”, but there are some ways better suited to your next garden.Matthew Cullen is a Business Development Manger for Anden. Anden ‘s expertise is in humidity control for indoor cannabis cultivation. Matthew is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and focuses his professional career on helping others to master their environments. “I like to start by asking why a cultivator gardens, and then we can collaborate on the how.” #kansascity #missouri #kcmissouri #kansascitymissouri #humidity
      As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Get ready for your investor roadshow by understanding what lenders want. We’ll discuss the outlook on market capital, top concerns of investors, legal and funding structures, the five keys to raising capital, and why proper accounting from day 1 is so important. #kansascity #paneldiscussion #kansascitymo #kansascitymissouri #kansascitycannabis #cannabisindustry #cannabiseducation #cannabisnews
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      So you’ve decided to start your dream cannabis business, now what? Growing cannabis is the easiest part but how you manage: finances, HR, hiring, state and federal regulations, scalability, branding, inventory supply, industry connections, and taxes are the things not planned that will break you. These are the non-glamorous components most don’t plan for and yet they are the ones that take down companies. Learn how we addressed these and have survived and thrived in this tumultuous industry.Mark served in the Army and then went on to get his degree in education. This experience has fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make positive changes in our legislature, particularly around cannabis. His outgoing personality and enthusiasm for cannabis makes him the perfect COO of Sales/Marketing for WithItWeed. Mark is a brand master, ensuring our brand is meeting the needs and expectations of our markets and customers.
      ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT!! Tickets can be purchased online at
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      Whether you oversee a single-market brand or an MSO, successful expansion hinges on carefully managed information about business operations. Cannabis tech expert Michael Piermont of Leaf Trade will discuss the importance of optimizing cannabis businesses to scale as the industry handles growing pains and varied regulations across legal state markets. Attendees will gain insight on the best ways to monitor their sales, inventory management, payments, payroll and more.Michael Piermont is a seasoned executive and tech entrepreneur dedicated to empowering independent businesses. He plays a critical role in Leaf Trade’s go-to-market strategy, fundraising and customer success operations. He previously co-founded Fanchest, a sports merchandise enterprise that he scaled and led from concept to acquisition, along with amSTATZ, a fitness-business platform for independent operators. He also held executive roles with Fooda, Career Builder, GoHealth and ECOFIT. #kansascity #kansascitymo #cannabisindustry #scalability #cannabiseducation
      ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT! Tickets are available at #kansascity #kansascitymo #cannabisindustry #cannabisevents #missouri
      Enterprise Resource Planning systems are essential to maximize efficiency and profits of your cannabis business. We’ll review ERPs and discuss Integrations and Compliance during this session first. Then we’ll talk about Cannabis Connoisseurship and why it matters in the industry before putting the two together to see why and how ERPs can contribute to products worthy of connoisseurship. Join Rob Sanchez from Apartment 113 for this informative session on Cannabis software. Rob is a Certified Ganjier and the owner of Apartment 113 Cannabis Connoisseurship & Consulting and contributing writer for Fat Nugs Magazine. He has a lifetime of cannabis experience, starting as a cultivator and hashmaker in Denver’s medical days. He now works as a Product Manager and Agile Coach for BLAZE Seed-To-Sale. Rob is an Agilist and proponent of continuous improvement in all areas of work and life with over 12 years of IT software experience.
      10 DAYS TO GO!!! Grab your tickets at #kansascity #missouri #missouricannabis #kc #kansascitymo
      When your business is in the Cannabis industry, compliance with the regulations is the bottom line to keeping the doors open.


So why are there still so many facilities that are operating without SOP practices in place?

Today, we will take a closer look at the benefits of having a thorough SOP, what can happen when you don’t have an SOP in place and some solutions to get you started on your journey to full compliance today.

Kady Cravens is the CEO and founder of, an interactive software that supports the Cannabis industry with Standard Operating Procedures. Her extensive background in all facility types allowed her to become an expert in Compliance, employee training, and SOPs, helping many startups and existing Cannabis companies with compliance and operating procedures. She also co-hosts a monthly podcast “Ask The Regulator” sharing knowledge of compliance practices in the Cannabusiness industry. #kansascity #cannabisindustry #cannabisevents #cannabiseducation
      It’s important more than ever to ensure there is a strong foundation for compliance in place, as newly awarded licensed operators enter the adult-use cannabis market. Whether you have been awarded a license, or are an existing operator or thinking about entering the market, Compliance is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a successful business under the regulatory microscope.Jenny is a long-time industry veteran, witnessing the Cannabis Industry in Colorado going from an unregulated wild west in 2009 to the regulated market of 2022. This experience has taught her the importance of understanding regulations and creating a culture of compliance in the workforce. In 2015 she founded ICS Consulting Service and transitioned from being an employee in the regulated Cannabis Industry to CEO of a compliance focused consulting business.#kansascity #missouri #missouricannabis #stlouismissouri #stlouis #newmarkets #legalizeit #cannabisindustry#cannabiseducation
      Marketing cannabis can seem overwhelming if you don't know what you are doing. This presentation will go over what works, what doesn't work and what will be a total waste of money. Avoid the pitfalls and shiny objects that end up costing you more than what you see in return. Bring a notebook and ask questions.

Max has been working behind the scenes for dozens of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis brands. His company has helped 5 figure companies turn into 6 figure companies, and has helped 6 figure companies grow into 7 figure companies using smart marketing and branding strategies. He is the host of the Dope Marketing Podcast, the Founder of and the CMO of WeedMart,io #kansascity #kc #missouri #kcmissouri #missouricannabis #missouriweed #kansascity #missourilegalization #missouricannabisevents

      What Sets Lucky Leaf Expo Cannabis Events Apart?

      At Lucky Leaf Expo, we understand your passion for the cannabis industry because we share the same drive to increase access to cannabis and the positive effects it can have for individual health and wellbeing.

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