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Lucky Leaf Expo proudly welcomes cannabis industry experts from around the world to share their newest findings, strategies, and business practices. Join the list of veteran cannabis experts to share impactful knowledge with attendees, entrepreneurs, and businesses from all over the U.S. Apply below to become one of our featured cannabis seminars.

Do you have expertise in the most current, economical, or environmental practices? Are you a leader with new and innovative ideas? Are you a researcher with ground-breaking findings? Apply to be one of our conference speakers at a Lucky Leaf Expo, presenting the best cannabis seminars in the nation for established businesses and industry newcomers.

Speaker application deadline is 45 days before the show date. It is recommended that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline, as space becomes more limited the closer we get to the show

    Speaker Information:

    Please attach your headshot, which will be used if our event program if selected.

    Please include a link to video intro, a sample of your presentation or a clip of a prior presentation.

    If your speaker application is approved, this description will be used for your Speaker Bio listing in our program guide and on our website. It should describe who you are professionally. For example, Jane Doe is the Director of Marketing for XYZ Company, which specializes in etc.

    *Minimum 300 characters. 0 of 500 max characters.

    Seminar Information:

    If your speaker application is approved, this abstract will be used for your Seminar Description in our program guide and on our website.

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    If I am selected as a Lucky Leaf speaker, I will meet all pre-determined deadlines set by the Lucky Leaf Expo, and I will not change the content of my presentation without documented consent from Lucky Leaf. I understand that I am responsible for my own travel and other costs associated with my presentation. I grant Lucky Leaf permission to record audio/visual of my presentation and distribute or share it in any medium for any purpose. I will follow all venue regulations, and I will not use cannabis plants, flowers or other forms in my presentation.

    I understand and agree that speaking sessions must be purely educational and may not be sales pitches or company-specific promotions. I understand that before beginning the presentation, speakers may briefly mention where they currently work as part of their background experience during their brief introduction-- solely for the purpose of helping attendees understand who they are and what makes them qualified to speak on this topic, but not for the intention of promoting the brand itself. While it is ok to mention the company once or twice during the presentation as it relates to a personal story/experience that's relevant to the discussion, specific brands should not be brought up as a recurring theme or focus of the presentation.

    I agree to abide by all the requirements contained within this speaker's pledge. If I am filling this application out on behalf of someone else who will be speaking, I confirm that I have been authorized to complete this application on their behalf and that they have confirmed to abide by and be bound to this speaker's pledge.

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