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cannabis expo in oklahoma city okc

Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Expo in OKC

Often heralded as the wild west of weed, Oklahoma is making a name for itself in the legal cannabis industry. With cannabis-based businesses popping up around the state and people jumping on the trend,...

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hemp cbd companies in dallas

Start a Hemp CBD Company in Dallas

If you’re interested in starting a hemp or CBD company in Dallas, you have come to the right place! Taking necessary precautions to ensure a smooth start for your hemp CBD business in Dallas can...

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cbd business startup legal austin

Starting a CBD Business in Austin

Starting any business can have its complications but walking into a brand new industry can be even more daunting. Texas recently legalized the hemp-derived cannabinoid, CBD and consumers have been asking...

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cannabis laws new mexico

Laws on Cannabis and CBD in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to laws that decriminalize cannabis and allow consumption by medical patients but, as of writing, it continues to be illegal for recreational use. Interestingly, this same state was...

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b2b cbd industry trade show

Are You Attending a Cannabis Expo in 2021?

It’s no secret that 2020’s global pandemic took a toll on … well, almost everything. Within the cannabis world, although spending on cannabis products steadily increased, industry events suffered dramatically...

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oklahoma cannabis cbd law

Oklahoma Cannabis and CBD Regulations

In 2018, Oklahoma joined multiple other states who have legalized medical cannabis. The state-governed program has been lauded for being “patient-friendly” and “transparent”, a welcomed change for the...

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texas cbd and cannabis laws & regulations

Texas CBD Laws and Regulations

After November elections further propelled the country as a legalized nation, many Texans are looking to review the current status of regulations and licensing connected to cannabis and CBD in their...

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cannabis trade show | cannabis trade shows | lucky leaf expo

Texas Expands Access To Marijuana

On June 14th Governor Abott signed a bill into law that expanded who could get access to marijuana and marijuana products in the state of Texas. House Bill 3707 allows specialty doctors to prescribe...

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lucky leaf hemp trade show photos

5 Uses of Cannabis Oil

As cannabis oil grows in popularity many are researching more about the benefits. Before looking into the benefits it is important to understand that CBD oil does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka...

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dallas cbd expo accomodations | cbd conference texas

Lucky Leaf Expo This September

The Lucky Leaf Expo in Dallas will be the region’s only event to include both cannabis and hemp, bringing access to more products, more knowledge, and a larger network. With recent laws passed in Texas...

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