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      Market Your CBD Brand in Dallas at The Lucky Leaf Expo

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      There is still time to give your brand the boost it deserves by exposing it to thousands of vendors and guests each interested in the second-highest source of business to business revenue according to recent statistics: trade shows. What better way to showcase your brand strategy, elevate brand awareness and ultimately make sales than to meet face-to-face with industry insiders at Dallas’ first and favorite hemp event rolling into town next month, on July 9th and 10th, at the Irvine Convention Center. Dallas hemp events are the ideal way to market your brand. And, attending the top Dallas hemp and CBD convention event gives you even MORE exposure.

      Another thing to be stoked about? Lucky Leaf’s Dallas hemp expo is the only one in the region that covers cannabis AND hemp. This way you will have access to more diverse products, more in-depth and trusted knowledge on the two plants and their compounds and a larger network of industry professionals. This one-stop Dallas CBD event is one you surely won’t want to miss. Maximize your brand’s potential business opportunities with a booth or sponsorship opportunity at Lucky Leaf Expo, Dallas

      Why Market Your CBD at the Lucky Leaf Expo Dallas Hemp Event

      Explore and connect with others in the rapidly growing world of CBD, hemp and cannabis at the premiere Dallas hemp convention, Lucky Leaf Expo. Lucky Leaf is based in Texas and proudly serves the entire Southwestern United States. 

      Designed to be one of the best CBD trade shows in the game for business, investors or those curious about entering this new and exciting space, this top-notch CBD event will feature expert speakers plus a showroom packed with exhibitors covering everything from science, health and wellness, hemp cultivation, business strategies, legal, branding, start-ups, growth, policy reform and so much more. Lucky Leaf built this one of a kind hemp expo with one thing in mind: to provide everything a budding or seasoned CBD entrepreneur would need to grow or scale their business, all under one roof!

      Dallas CBD

      CBD has become quite popular in one of The Lone Star State’s biggest cities. Expected to create a 13.4 billion dollar market by 2024, it is no wonder that the great state of Texas finally caught on. Since legalization via House Bill 1325 in 2019, CBD brick and mortar shops have popped up all over Dallas. It is also impressive that massive retail chain, Kroger, announced they intend to keep shelves stocked with a variety of CBD products alongside 22 other states where the retail giant operates. 

      Cool Dallas History

      Dallas is known for a lot of things, including it’s not so popular nickname, Big D.. In fact, according to a 2020 survey, most Dallas Texans resoundingly disapprove of the nickname first recorded in January, 1933 and has stuck like resin from freshly harvested hemp or cannabis flower. Luckily the rest of Dallas’ reputation makes up for the silly nickname. 

      Downtown Dallas and its surrounding neighborhoods are incredibly rich in history, authentic TexMex cuisine got its namesake here, there is also a massive sports following, ample sightseeing and so much more to do in Dallas. You can also enjoy unique shopping, historical monuments and museums, welcoming and provocative art galleries and live music. For hip and delicious Texan dining experiences, authentic tequila bars or to catch a show at the Granada Theater, make sure to check out the Lower Greenville neighborhood during your stay for the hemp expo. 

      See You There, Dallas

      Now that we’ve explored the many reasons you should showcase your CBD brand at the Lucky Leaf hemp expo in Dallas next month, what are you waiting for? Sign up to reserve your booth, speaker or sponsorship opportunity check at See you there, Dallas!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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