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      5 Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Expo in Detroit

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      With a $3.2 billion dollar cannabis industry, it’s no secret that Michigan has hopped onto the cannabis success train. With the most recent changes, more people than ever before are growing, selling and buying cannabis in Michigan. Because of this, Detroit has seen a huge influx of business (and yes, cannabis conferences like Lucky Leaf Expo Detroit!) If you’ve been considering attending a commercial cannabis conference or expo in Detroit, you might be on the fence and trying to figure out if it’s really worth it. Here are 5 reasons to attend a commercial cannabis event in Detroit! 

      1. Get the Latest Scoop on Cannabis

      If you want to stay up to date on all the most important information about cannabis in Michigan, the best way to do it is at a cannabis conference in Detroit. From speakers to new businesses and even those who are behind the scenes working toward new laws, you’ll find plenty of information that will give you the latest scoop on cannabis. 

      Whether you want to learn about new ways of using cannabis, new cannabis strains that are coming to the market, new laws that could have an impact on you or even updates to the industry as a whole, events are the place to do it. You won’t find more information than what’s available at a commercial cannabis expo or event in Detroit. There’s no better or bigger collection of professionals in one space than you’ll find at a conference. These formats give you a place to find out as much information as possible while also being able to trust that the information is accurate. 

      2. See New Products in Action

      From new strains to new products available for smoking and even new methods for cultivation, you can check out all the latest innovations in the cannabis industry at a cannabis conference in Detroit. If you want to find out what’s new and what’s hot in the industry, a commercial cannabis conference in Detroit is the way to do it. Are you a small dispensary owner? A cannabis connoisseur? In a parallel industry like marketing? You’re going to want to get all the information that you can about new products and new innovations in the industry. At Lucky Leaf Expo, you can be sure to see all the latest and greatest products. And, in some instances, you’ll even get a chance to see them in action! 

      3. Networking Opportunities 

      If you’re in a business that’s in any way related to cannabis, you need to take advantage of the networking opportunities provided by the Lucky Leaf cannabis expo in Detroit. As a business professional, it’s a good idea to network with other professionals and get your name out there. While attending the commercial cannabis event in Detroit, make sure that you talk with anyone who you think you might share mutual benefits with. If you believe that your business could help them or their business could help yours, it’s important to make that connection. Even a quick introduction can set the stage for a valuable connection later on down the line. And don’t forget to collect information! Bring a business card holder filled with your cards as well as an empty one so you can pass our your information and collect as much as possible from others.

      4. Create Fresh Content 

      Creating fresh content is essential. Whether it’s for your blog audience or your social media followers, you should have fresh content always. Attending a conference is the perfect way to get this. While it can be really tedious to do something like live-streaming the entire conference, it’s a good idea to snap some pics or take some quick videos while you’re there so that you can share them with your blog and social media followers. Make sure that you don’t overshare and that you keep the content relevant and entertaining. 

      5. Generate Leads

      Not only are conferences the perfect place to meet new people and network with other businesses, they’re also the perfect place to get new leads for sales and customers. If you’re in a B2B business, then you can combine your networking with lead generation. But, if you’re in a B2C business, then you can also get leads from conference attendees. While many of your booth visitors might be from other businesses, there are many people who attend simply just because they’re passionate about cannabis or want to learn more about different experiences with it. Take advantage of that! 

      If you’ve never attended a cannabis conference in Detroit, now’s the time. Lucky Leaf Expo will be in Detroit with cannabis-focused vendors, speakers and more on March 25-26, 2022! Come explore all the latest in the industry and get the best scoop from the booming cannabis market in Michigan!

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