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      Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Expo in OKC

      Often heralded as the wild west of weed, Oklahoma is making a name for itself in the legal cannabis industry. With cannabis-based businesses popping up around the state and people jumping on the trend, it’s no wonder that the Lucky Leaf cannabis expo in Oklahoma City is going to be the best event of the year. If you’ve considered attending an event in Tokelahoma, make sure that the OKC cannabis event you choose has everything to offer. Here are five reasons you need to attend Lucky Leaf in OKC! 

      1. Learn More About Cannabis Legislation

      Let’s face it. We all want to know what’s going on in the world of weed, but it’s not always so easy. With things sometimes changing from day-to-day, it can be incredibly difficult to stay up to date on cannabis legislation. While you may be getting your daily updates on cannabis information from your favorite news source, an expo is the perfect place to really get to learn more about what’s going on. You’ll find tons of information about the newest legislation and may even be able to meet some of the people who are working toward better legislation. Whether you want to findo ut more about what the future of cannabis looks like in Oklahoma or how the current legislation impacts you now, you can do it at our cannabis event. 

      2. Check Out the Latest Products

      What’s everyone’s favorite part of any expo? THE SWAG! Seriously, you’re going to love seeing all the coolest new gadgets in action, the results from brand new strains and everything up and coming in weed. At Lucky Leaf cannabis expo in Oklahoma City, you’ll get the opportunity to check out some of the latest products in the industry while also meeting the people behind them. Plus, you’ll be sure to get plenty of swag and branded items from these vendors! 

      3. Get in Touch 

      From creators to brand ambassadors, growers and tech enthusiasts, the who’s who of cannabis in OK are going to be at Lucky Leaf. In an industry like cannabis where there’s always fresh faces, expos are one of the easiest ways to network. Networking is a necessary part of any business, but it seems to be even more important in cannabis. And we like to think that our expo is one of the easiest environments to network in. You’re gonna make some lasting relationships with people you meet at Lucky Leaf! 

      4. Refresh Your Content 

      If you’ve been in a slump, an expo is the perfect way to pull yourself out and add a little refresh to your content. You can spice up your current content by including media from the expo and also get inspired by some of the other brands that are there. We assure you: attending our event will definitely leave you inspired and caxn even give you that much-needed push you’ve been waiting for when it comes to your content! 

      5. Get More Leads

      At Lucky Leaf, we’re open to not only industry experts and businesses but also to cannabis enthusiasts! You’re going to have a chance to market yourself to so many people. Make sure that you take the time and get leads so that you can go home and use them later. What’s one of the best parts about that? They’ll be VALUABLE leads. If they’re at a conference, they’re in the industry or in the market so they’ll be waiting for you to reach out to them. Score! 

      As Oklahoma’s recreational cannabis industry continues to flourish, now is the perfect opportunity to attend a cannabis expo in Oklahoma City. Don’t miss out on the OKC cannabis event of the year: Lucky Leaf!

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