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      Start a Hemp CBD Company in Dallas

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      If you’re interested in starting a hemp or CBD company in Dallas, you have come to the right place! Taking necessary precautions to ensure a smooth start for your hemp CBD business in Dallas can be a daunting task. It’s your lucky day! We have eliminated some of the guesswork from the process for you! Read our Q&A to lean more about the required steps for starting a hemp CBD business in Dallas. 

      What is the first step to create a successful hemp CBD business in Dallas?

      This is one of the most crucial questions we receive all the time. The best answer is this: simply begin where you would with any other business! Every business, no matter what the product or service being sold, needs to have a vision statement, mission statement, business plan and a general idea of branding. 

      Depending on how you plan to run your hemp CBD business in Dallas, you may also need to think of getting investors to help push a little capital into your business before it can fully come to fruition. For more information on hemp CBD investors, check out this website

      Do I need a specific license or registration for hemp CBD business in Dallas?

      The short answer is yes. You do need to have specific licenses and registrations to own a hemp CBD company in Dallas. There are different sets of rules and regulations depending on which category of hemp CBD business in Dallas you fall into: retail or consumable hemp. 

      The Department of State Health Services for Texas has further information on the breakdown of the specific categories, but here is a basic list.

      • If you are wanting to sell someone else’s hemp product without making any changes to the product itself, the packaging, etc. then you will be considered a retail hemp category and need to apply for those specific sets of registrations and licensure. The annual fee to obtain this right now for your hemp CBD business in Dallas is $155 per location. 
      • If you manufacture any hemp products, then you will need to obtain the proper licensure and registration for the consumable hemp category. The DSHS has a special definition for manufacturing:preparing, compounding, processing, packaging, repackaging, labeling or relabeling hemp products. You will also fit into this category if you are planning on selling your hemp CBD products wholesale. 
      • If you are planning to have more than one location and do either one of these activities, you will need to acquire consumable hemp licensure and registration. Right now, the annual fee for your hemp CBD business in Dallas is $258 per operational facility. 

      Upon deciding whether your business will fit into the retail or consumable sections and you are ready to pay the appropriate fees, you will then need to submit an application to the DSHS online. Once your application has been approved, make sure to keep a copy for your records. An additional copy will need to be present at your store at all times. 

      My hemp CBD business in Dallas is now open, how do I stay open?

      Once you have been approved by the DSHS to open your hemp CBD business in Dallas, you are all set! Congratulations! To ensure that you keep your new hemp CBD business in the good graces of not only the DSHS but the people of Dallas, make sure to adhere to all of the laws and regulations of CBD in Texas. 

      One of the most important parts of ensuring that you stay within the Texas laws is making sure that you are aware that each of the products you sell or manufacture are properly tested and documented as such. There have been cases of hemp CBD companies in Dallas being randomly tested to ensure that these rules are being followed. If they are not, heavy fines and even potentially a business shut down could occur. To learn more about these rules, see HSC 443 and 25 Texas Administrative Code 300.

      Are there any hemp expos in Dallas where I can meet like-minded business owners?

      Yes! There are actually quite a few hemp expos in Dallas that will be coming up this year. However, our favorite expo is the Lucky Leaf Hemp Expo in Dallas. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to hear from the best in the industry in regards to science, hemp cultivation, business strategies, legalities, policy reform and more, this hemp expo in Dallas is exactly where you need to be. To learn more about the Lucky Leaf Expo in Dallas and additional assistance for your hemp CBD business in Dallas, visit the Dallas show page!

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