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      Lucky Leaf Expo This September

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      The Lucky Leaf Expo in Dallas will be the region’s only event to include both cannabis and hemp, bringing access to more products, more knowledge, and a larger network.

      With recent laws passed in Texas and the rise in interest surrounding uses for cannabis and hemp, an expo could not have come at a better time. Lucky Leaf is excited to introduce not only the first cannabis Expo in Dallas but also the only expo in the region covering cannabis and hemp.

      The Lucky Leaf Expo will bring together the industry’s best and most knowledgeable speakers, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments shaping the cannabis space. In addition, all who attend will be a part of history-making in Dallas with this being the first cannabis and hemp-related expo in the city. This landmark event is the beginning of something that will continue to grow as global sentiment toward cannabis legalization matures.

      About the Lucky Leaf Expo on Sept. 21-22

      The expo will feature 50 speakers who are experts in the industry and 100 leading vendors offering cannabis and hemp-related products and services. One unique offering of the Lucky Leaf Expo is the World Canna Health’s revolutionary Cannabinologer™ training. A Cannabinologer™ is a trained expert in the field of cannabinoids, their proper use, effectiveness, dosing & appropriate recommendations. Among many things, attendees of the Cannabinologer™ training will learn about science and medicine plus get a hands-on demonstration of cannabis cultivation and cloning. This training is specifically for retail staff in the cannabis industry, health care providers and people looking to get into the cannabis/CBD or Hemp growing business. Registration for the Cannabinologer™ training, vendors, speakers and attendees is now open.

      About the Lucky Leaf

      With the future-proof market that the passing of bill1325 brought to Texas, Lucky Leaf believes the timing of this event could not be better. The company is fueled by a passion for the industry and they are set up to offer a prolific and unforgettable event built on 5 pillars for success; premier location, expert speakers, industry-leading exhibitors, networking opportunities and invaluable education.  We’ve seen individuals’ health and wellbeing thrive, we’ve seen people discover business opportunities that weren’t possible only a few years ago and we’ve witnessed the rising influence they have on local economies. Our company is a prime example.” The Lucky Leaf Expo is rapidly approaching. Vendor and Attendee Registration Is Now Open! **Register Now**

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