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      5 Reasons Why Vape Shop Owners Should Attend Lucky Leaf Expo

      The legal marijuana market is opening up throughout the country at a rapid pace. Since 2020 alone, 9 new states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Even in places where recreational marijuana is not permitted, the existence of CBD, Delta 8, Kratom, and vape shops often are. In fact, the same shops often sell some or all of those products under one storefront. With all of these new frontiers opening up come new opportunities for the industry to spread its wings and flourish. One way that it is doing so is by hosting expositions (expos) where the latest products and marketing techniques can be showcased.

      The Lucky Leaf Expo

      The Lucky Leaf Expo is a multi-city expo in which the latest and greatest from the legal marijuana industry is showcased. All different types of people with connections to the industry show up including customers, investors, business owners, and more. It is a fun and informational event that also improves the legitimacy of the industry in the eyes of doubters. As such, it is very important that vape shop owners also consider attending this expo regardless of their ability or inability to sell recreational cannabis at this time. We will also dive into a few other reasons why it is important to attend including:

      • There is a lot of free information about the industry that you may benefit from
      • It is a great place to network and connect with like-minded industry figures
      • The expo presents one of the best opportunities to see and use the latest products
      • Plenty of content generation comes from this expo
      • You can get a feel for the competition

      All of these reasons and more provide ample reason to book your ticket to this event ASAP.

      Bountiful Free Information

      Everyone likes to think that they know all that they need to know about the business that they operate in, but that may not be exactly true. Why not turn your attention to some people who might have a little more industry experience than yourself? There is no shame in admitting that you can learn a thing or two from someone else. In fact, it shows a level of emotional intelligence that many do not possess when you own up to the fact that there is more for you to learn.

      Visit the various booths around the expo to see what different shops and industry insiders say and think about the direction of the industry, the latest products to hit the shelves, marketing techniques, and so much more. You are sure to pick up plenty of useful nuggets of information from various attendees all throughout the Lucky Leaf Expo.

      Network with People in Your Industry

      Tell the average layperson that you work in the cannabis industry and you make get some sideways looks or perhaps even some giggles. There are a lot of people who still simply don’t understand the potential behind this industry. However, other people who do similar work to what you do get it. That is why they are attending the expo as well!

      Businessowners networking at Lucky Leaf Expo

      You can meet up with other people who have gone through some of the same struggles and triumphs that you are actively working through. Listen to their stories and to their advice. They may have a few important pieces of information to add to the conversation. You can also use the opportunity to air your thoughts and to see if they would like to network and connect with you for business purposes. You may form some powerful alliances just by attending.

      Check Out the Latest Products

      This is one of the best opportunities to see the latest products from the industry all displayed in one area. Branding is a very big deal in the industry. explains that some of the most successful cannabis industry leaders are those who have figured out useful ways to brand their products to the world:

      Although the regulated cannabis space is maturing at breakneck speed, most companies are still finding their footing in terms of cultivating strong consumer brand affinities.

      It is so important that brands be given the opportunity to figure things out for themselves and work out the flaws in some of their products. An expo is a great place for them to receive direct feedback from other companies in the industry. Thus, you can expect to see a lot of different product approaches at the expo. You might even see some ideas that you can twist into something that may work well to serve yourself as well.

      Content Generation

      If you twisted your head a little when you read this one, that is okay, it may sound confusing at first. However, the point being made here is that there is a lot of material that one can add to their social media feeds, websites, blogs, etc. The things that you learn and the people that you meet at the expo are all potentially great sources of material for content that you put out into the world.

      Keep in mind that much of the country is still just now warming up to the idea that legalized cannabis is something that might be available to them either now or in the near future. Given this, plenty of people have a lot of questions about the industry and its products. When you put out new content for them to consume about these products, they are going to do so. The expos present a great place for you to source that new content.

      Understand the Competition

      Finally, we must end with the fact that you will obviously be checking out what your competition is doing when you are at the expo. You are there to gather as much information as possible, and this includes information about your competitors. You don’t want to let them get away with running laps around you while you are working on catching up.

      Make sure you take some notes (mental or otherwise) about what other companies at the expo are doing. You don’t have to think of it as something sly or underhanded. Rather, you are simply using the platform that has been provided (the expo) to take advantage of the fact that there is a lot of information hanging out in the open for the taking. It would be a shame if you didn’t snag some of that information for yourself, and you are not the type of person to let that information slip through your fingertips.

      For more information on the Lucky Leaf Expo and why you need to attend it this year, please contact us and get the latest details.

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