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      How New Budtenders Can Build Their Professional Network at Lucky Leaf Expo

      Lucky Leaf Expo

      Among the most effective ways to grow and expand your cannabis business is to build your social network. Typically, the cannabis social network is a huge investment for you as a budtender, your business and its future. While there are several ways to build a professional network, exhibitions and conferences like the Lucky Leaf Expo offer the perfect opportunity to interact with the right professional contacts and create relationships.

      The Lucky Leaf Expo provides the best platform for new budtenders to grow their professional network as well as develop new skill sets, such as meeting potential mentors, clients, and partners and learning the latest trends in the industry. With the continued legalization of marijuana products, it is essential to adapt strategies that enable you to make the most of your cannabis expo experience.

      Top Reasons to Consider Attending the Lucky Leaf Expo

      With recent changes in the cannabis regulations across different states in the US, more people consider growing, buying and selling cannabis products. In Detroit, for instance, there has been a significant influx of the cannabis business, with commercial cannabis conferences and expos promoting the industry. If you are considering attending a cannabis Lucky Leaf expo, here is why you should attend the event.

      • Get the latest trends on Cannabis: Attending the cannabis expo lets you stay up-to-date with important information about the industry. This enables you to acquire new skills and knowledge to grow your brand.
      • Networking opportunities: The Lucky Leaf cannabis expo lets you take advantage of networking opportunities and benefit from other professionals attending the expo. On the other hand, you can share ideas to help others and create a connection.
      • Create fresh content: It is essential to have new content regularly, whether creating content for your blog audience or social media followers. Attending a cannabis conference provides the content you may need, like taking some pictures or recording short videos of relevant content to share with your audience.
      • Generate new leads: Besides meeting new people and networking, cannabis expos are the perfect place to generate new leads for sales. If you are a B2B business, networking provides an opportunity to get new leads. However, if you are a B2C, conference attendees can be your next target market.
      • See products in action: The Lucky Leaf Expo offers attendees the opportunity to see new cannabis strains and developments in the industry. Attending such conferences enables you to find out what is new and trending, as well as see them in action.

      Tips on How to Build Your Professional Network at Lucky Leaf Expo

      Typically, the Lucky Leaf Expo is a great way to connect to resources that can soar your career or business to the next level in the cannabis industry. Here are some ways to help you build your professional network at an expo.

      Define Your Intention and Dedicate

      Most new budtenders have countless ideas they intend to address and improve their businesses. However, it is unrealistic to focus on multiple ideas and accomplish them simultaneously. Therefore, when attending a Lucky Leaf Expo, select at least two intentions you want to achieve and dedicate to them. For instance, if you aim at collecting as many businesses cards as possible during the event, determine ways to achieve this rather than approaching different attendees unprepared.

      Do Your Research

      When looking to build your professional network at an expo, have prior knowledge of attendees to be present at the event. Go through the confirmed exhibitor list and pinpoint professional contacts you intend to interact with. Further, follow the event organizer’s ads on digital platforms to learn about the brands, speakers and guests expected at the expo.

      Businessman doing research before attending Lucky Leaf Expo
      Do your research

      Such an approach allows you to map out potential networks that would benefit your business growth. Besides, it is an effective way to prepare early on what you would focus on when you attend the expo, especially when looking to get more leads.

      Arrive at the Lucky Leaf Expo on Time

      Arriving at an expo on time is an effective way to maximize your networking opportunities. Typically, hundreds of people might attend a Lucky Leaf Expo, intending to interact with as many professionals in the cannabis industry as possible. However, very few attendees would have arrived at the beginning of the conference. It is also the moment when discussions groups are forming with fewer attendees.

      Getting to the event on time allows you to join small groups and interact one-on-one with different brands, mainly those you are targeting. While more people crowd the event, you would have already gained more from top brands and other professional contacts. Therefore, ensure you note the event’s starting time and arrive earlier before it gets crowded.

      Approach with Decorum

      Knowing when to bravely approach people of interest in a Lucky Leaf event is essential as a new budtender. Besides, have effective communication skills, including casual and confident body language, ensuring your target attendees feel comfortable around you. In addition, maintain eye contact while making the conversation about them and showing interest in their business objectives and needs. This makes them remain engaged and builds interest in you.

      Share Your Contact

      Creating a conversion and gaining interest from attendees is the first step to building a professional network at an expo. The next phase is to ensure the people you approached have your contacts and can communicate with you at any time. Distributing your business card to interested attendees is the foundation of networking and a sign of business success. Therefore, ensure you have quality, presentable and appealing copies of your calling card to share with your potential professional contacts.

      Follow Up

      While you have created a connection and shared your contact information with potential professional contacts, it is essential to follow up. This involves connecting with contacts made at the conference through social platforms such as LinkedIn, emailing them or having a follow-up call. The intent is to continue sharing information and getting them closer to your brand. Besides, it helps show interest in the contacts’ brand.

      Bottom Line

      If you plan to attend a Lucky Leaf Expo and build your professional network, the above tips can be an excellent resource for achieving your goal. These networking tips allow you to stand out and build more professional contacts, regardless of the people of interest you intend to interact with at the expo. To learn more about the cannabis professional network, contact us, and we will be glad to help.

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