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      Texas Expands Access To Marijuana

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      On June 14th Governor Abott signed a bill into law that expanded who could get access to marijuana and marijuana products in the state of Texas. House Bill 3707 allows specialty doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to treat a variety of disorders including Parkinson’s, ALS, terminal cancer, autism and a variety of seizure disorders. Prescriptions are not for marijuana that can be smoked, but rather for oil that can be inhaled.

      Heather Fazio, director with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy stated, “HB 3703 represents a positive step toward a functional medical cannabis program, but sadly, it still leaves behind millions of Texas families that could benefit from legal access.”

      During the 2019 legislative session, cannabis laws were a major discussion. While not as much ground was gained as many hoped, there was legislation passed that opened the door for farmers to grow hemp as an industrial crop and also legalized low THC CBD products.

      Marijuana advocates in Texas applause the new laws that have been passed and remain steadfast in their commitment to bring legalization of marijuana to the state.

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