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      Airoclean 420

      Airoclean™420 by Sterilumen is the most trusted air purification system for destroying airborne powdery mildew that ruins cannabis crops. Powdery mildew spreads through the air and invades the vascular system of the cannabis plants. Hidden until two weeks into flowering, it wreaks havoc on the entire grow. Cultivators must destroy the crop, remove all their equipment, and conduct a costly deep clean. Commercial and home/hobby cannabis pros worldwide rely on Airoclean420’s Photocatalytic Conversion technology to completely eliminate airborne powdery mildew, fungal diseases, mold, blights and bacteria. Even NASA used Airoclean420’s patented technology to sanitize its International Space Station. Airoclean420 is far more effective than HEPA filters which circulate harmful pathogens back into the air. Unlike toxic fungicides, Airoclean420 is safe and green. No emissions. No ozone. Airoclean420 helps your crops and business thrive.

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