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      Atlas Seed

      Atlas Seed breeds and produces agronomically oriented day-neutral, semi-full term, and full term cannabis and hemp varieties for the global production market, focusing primarily on highest yields, mold resistance, and potency. Cannabis Bred for Agriculture. Atlas Seed was founded by seasoned winegrape, vegetable, and cannabis farmers in Sonoma County, California that were searching for genetics that didn’t yet exist: uniform, stable, & vigorous hybrids that would fit into their existing, time tested agricultural model. We were some of the first operators to bring cannabis out of the preexisting cultivation methods developed under prohibition and into conventional agricultural production systems. We have consistently innovated cannabis agriculture; testing all manner of production systems in the field and inventing novel equipment, labor processes, and practices. Our expertise affords us the knowledge of what genetic qualities lead to high performance and post-harvest efficiencies, allowing us to make novel breeding selections that set our genetics apart in the industry

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