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      CBD Seed Labs

      CBD Seed Labs is a family-run operation focused one thing and one thing only, breeding premium high CBD / low THC feminized hemp seeds. We are passionate about growing high quality hemp and have over 60 years combined experience growing it. Located in a beautiful valley in Northern San Diego County, about 15 miles from the beach, our facility is subject to both a heavy coastal influence i.e. cold, wind, moisture and desert inland influence ie. heat, aridity, low rainfall. Picture cool humid mornings, warm humid midday’s with hot and breezy afternoons until the coastal fog rolls back in the evening time to cool things down. Temperature ranges to low 100s in the middle summer and with frost possible from late October to early March. This unique and variable climate allows us to stress test our cultivars for a myriad of climates across the world. Because of our small size and our intense focus on genetics we are able to provide superior attention to detail and quality control. This results in seeds of greater feminization ratios and greater viability because we hand selected seeds from individual plants expressing the ideal traits. Because we don’t sell biomass or flower, we’re able to focus 100% of our energy on providing the best seeds with the best genetics.

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