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      Cleveland School of Cannabis

      The mission of the Cleveland School of Cannabis is to foster adult learning through high-quality, residential and online education that integrates personal development along with career-oriented skills and knowledge related to cannabis, science, and business, to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in the industry. The Cleveland School of Cannabis is the only State Approved Career School for Cannabis education east of Colorado. CSC has industry leading affiliates in all major sectors of the cannabis industry. We work diligently to offer top notch cannabis education. Employers can be confident that when they hire CSC alumni, that they are getting individuals who are well equipped to represent their company with dignity. CSC is setting new standards to bring a level of prestige and professionalism that the cannabis industry has yet to see. We develop leaders and provide our students with the skills and education necessary to take advantage of every opportunity that arises as a result of a new budding industry.

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