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      Global Tobacco

      Global Tobacco has the capabilities to offer a wide variety of tobacco, hemp, and vape products. We manufacture cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco, roll your own tobacco, and cigarettes when it comes to tobacco. We also have access to any flavor of vape juice bottles and disposable vape products. In cannabis, we promote Wild Hemp® the first to manufacture CBD cigarettes in the world and make a wide variety of hemp and CBD product. Wild Hemp also offers paper cones that are made from 100% natural hemp or 100% natural wood pulp paper, and come with a biodegradable filter already attached. Our Wild Palm offers pre-rolled tubes made out of cord leaves that are designed for a quality and convenient smoking experience. They come attached to corn husk filters, some having capsules that release flavor once someone squeezes a filter and pops its capsules. Our Wild Palm® brand offers a variety of different sizes and flavors.

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