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      Hi Extracts

      We are a team of passionate cannabis users that pride ourselves on unmatched customer resources, extensive product education seminars and hands on consumer experiences. Our first brand was The Bloom Brands based out of Los Angeles California. Bloom’s ethos is authenticity and quality with the goal to consistently reproduce classic cannabis strains that are flavorful, familiar and potent. Our second brand, Cannavis Syrup, is based out of Long Beach California. Unlike many other cannabis infused products, Cannavis Syrup is sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made using non-GMO ingredients. Cannavis stands out as a health conscious alternative for individuals with special conditions or dietary restrictions. We, at Hi Extracts, pride ourselves and our ability to successfully bring high-quality brands to the New Mexico consumers and look forward to progressing our product line into more areas of the market in the future.

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