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      Home & Garden Nutrients

      “Grow Your Own Success” with House and Garden Nutrients. House and Garden (H&G) Nutrients was sprouted in Holland in 1990 by William Van De Zwaan and his team of biochemists and researchers in the Dutch cannabis industry. The fertilizer company quickly established itself as an elite plant nutrient supplier with a unique blend of premium raw materials, craft laboratory techniques, and field testing. H&G is now carried in thousands of retail stores and is the fertilizer of choice for multitudes of gardens and commercial grow facilities across the globe. H&G’s Roots Excelurator product is a natural blend of inoculants and extracts, and has become the pinnacle root enhancer of the cannabis industry, and the flagship of the H&G lineup. To adapt to the growth of the industry, H&G is now carried in commercial sizes, including 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes. H&G’s customers receive top-notch garden consulting from our crew of seasoned growers, free of charge, a service which facilities normally pay thousands of dollars for. Our consultants can design a custom feeding schedule for any environment, whether it be indoor, hydroponics, greenhouse, or full-sun outdoor. House and Garden Nutrients prides itself in the quality and performance of its product, innovative technologies, talented and dedicated personnel, and unparalleled technical support. Instagram: @houseandgardennutrients, @hng_cuphunters

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