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      HortGrow Solutions was created to help Growers and Home Gardeners develop healthy, abundant plants using less water, nutrients and labor per growth cycle. Our primary products are made from Coco Coir, sometimes known as “Coco Peat” or “Coco Pith”,a sustainable natural by-product of the Coconut industry. Whether you are a professional or an amateur grower – cultivating plants in-ground, in containers or hydroponic gardens – our organic Coco Peat growth media are a superior foundation for healthy root and plant development. 100% of HortGrow products are OMRI listed for organic use and sustainably sourced. And we are more than a manufacturer of Coconut Coir growing media. Our research and development is anchored in the “hands-on” experience of reputable growers who use sustainable, organic products to grow vibrant, eco-friendly crops. Our proprietary growing blends are grounded in scientific research, but they have been perfected over years with the feedback and direction of professional growers.

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