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      HRVST Limited

      HRVST Limited delivers a unique hyper-controlled vertical farm, providing a high-performance method of production to producers in the best environment for even the most complex plants to grow, supporting the sustainable agricultural practices of tomorrow. Joint venture created in 2015 between Inventive Laboratory Inc. (CA) and Florentaise (FR), HRVST Limited transforms agriculture through automation by leveraging the best practices in specialized lighting, automation and agronomy. This cutting-edge technology provides the ability to reduce the footprint by 75% given that all cannabis growing operations can be performed in the same room (Mothers, Cloning, Veg & Flower). With this, a grower can yield more than 8500 lbs of dried cannabis flower per year with only 5000 sqft of floor space! Combining reduced costs from a reduced footprint and optimized operational costs, this solution is ideal for the startup grower and for existing operations looking to scale up.

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