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      Our product MegaSilica a premium, Food Grade, naturally occurring Soil Conditioner is an Amorphous Silicon dioxide. Plants need an immense amount of Silica to support its growth and MegaSilica in granular form not only supplies Silica to plants when needed but also strengthens plant’s resistance to environmental stresses, increases soil porosity and withstand biotic and abiotic stresses that plants go thru. Extensive research studies have confirmed the benefits of Amorphous Silica for Cannabis Crop. Amorphous Silica reduces the threat of pests and disease, creates plants with stronger cell structures, improved nutrient absorption, protects against metal toxicity and ultimately improves overall crop performance. Protects crop against many fungal infections like mildew and powdery mildew. Only one application per crop is needed. How much to apply : 110 lbs. ( 50 kgs.) per acre When to apply: At the time of soil preparation at the same time as fertilizer. The result is better quality crop and increased yield 15- 30% depending on weather conditions MegaSilica is OMRI listed. Our other product AgriDiatomSil is an EPA approved organic Insecticide, effective against many insects like Aphids, Whitefly, Nematodes, armyworm, caterpillar and stem borer to name a few. It works by separating the hard shell from the soft body of the pest causing it to dehydrate and die. AgriDiatomsil being an organic insecticide does not harm the plant growth which is the case when chemical insecticide is applied and plant undergoes stress and growth is interruped for 5-7 days. Being organic there is no re entry interval (REI). Farmers can continue to attend their crop work even after spraying AgriDiatomSil. How much to use: When mixed with water use 0.5% of the water weight. For example in 200 gallon tank you will need 8.5lbs ( approx.) of AgriDiatomSil. How often to spray: Once every two weeks. What when it rains: Add any surfactant of your choice to prevent AgriDiatomSil being washed away by rain

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