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      Outlaw Technology

      Outlaw Technology, LLC is the industry leader in automated solutions for data capture needed for compliance and inventory management. Licensees across the county utilize our RFID Handheld systems to manage plants, packages and now product level updates/reporting. With direct API integration in over 20 metrc states, as well as select ERP/POS systems, Outlaw solutions such as our Desperado-plant and package module and Maverick dispensary system enable licensee’s the ability to quickly, efficiently and accurately complete inventory and compliance based requirements for less time and money. In addition Outlaw’s OG harvest touchscreen system plugs directly into your existing scale, and has been used to harvest over 8.5M pounds of product. Outlaw is the only metrc Platinum (5-Star) RFID integration partner and our collective team has over 40+ years of system design, development and deployment expertise. Contact us today for a DEMO ( to better understand how you can immediately help you do more with less, while achieving an immediate return on investment.

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