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      Rad Source

      Rad Source was founded in 1997 for the purpose of creating non-gamma irradiation alternatives. Even prior to the more recent security issues associated with radioactive gamma sources, the company’s vision was to solve environmental disposal and related practical issues associated with “hot” source equipment. Based on that, we introduced our first products in 1999 incorporating x-ray technology including the first FDA cleared x-ray blood irradiator as well as our laboratory research x-ray irradiator, the RS 2000. Since then, we’ve continued expanding our capabilities and adding to our proprietary x-ray based irradiation technology, developing proprietary x-ray sources and new equipment. We are a global enterprise and our equipment resides in major pharmaceutical labs, healthcare institutions and renowned universities around the world. We are based in Buford, Georgia, USA where our highly qualified and dedicated staff continues to develop our technology, design and produce our equipment.

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