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      Royale Botanicals

      Royale Botanicals is a 10-acre commercial greenhouse facility that specializes in producing hemp clones, at scale. By utilizing our pre-existing infrastructure, three generations of commercial greenhouse expertise, and high tech equipment, we are able to produce high quality hemp clones at a farmer friendly price point. Through 4+ years of R&D we have proven over and over again that genetically consistent hemp clones will out perform hemp seeds/seedlings every time. The genetic inconsistent of hemp seeds/seedlings leaves a farmer venerable to low homogenized cannabinoid contents, rogue “high THC” plants, male/hermaphrodite plants, and inconsistent maturity rates. Since our phenotype selected mother stock go through a 18+ month selection process, we can ensure that when planting a field of Royale Botanicals clones the farm will see genetic consistent throughout. We select the MVPs of a variety, so you can fill your field with winners! In addition to producing hemp clones, we produce greenhouse grown hemp flower, CBD crude, CBD distillate, CBD isolate, Delta-8 and more! We have forged relationships with some of the largest, most reliable extraction facilities in the country to assist our clients, post-harvest. Our sales team can provide volume orders for anything from clones to finished pre-packaged goods and everything in between! Lastly, we have strategic alliances that help our farms monetize their crops. Ask us about our integrated farmer program available for 2021 acreage!”

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