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      Silver Bullet Corp

      For over 12 years, Silver Bullet Water Treatment has provided cannabis cultivation facilities water management solutions that enhance facility operations, ensure quality control, safeguard regulatory compliance, and improve business sustainability programs. We work with cannabis growers to integrate custom irrigation system, condensate recapture, rainwater reuse, and wastewater solutions to ensure water and plant quality expectations are not only met but exceeded. Our patented, non-chemical Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology has shown to provide greater microbiological control and reduced plant stress. This AOP technology, our “green chemistry” dosing systems, filtration solutions, RO, and other water treatment processes include custom monitoring and controls programs that are designed by our engineers to optimize cannabis cultivation facilities. Silver Bullet is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals that work with the growers on the consulting, design, commissioning, analytics, and lab services related to treatment systems throughout the life the relationship with our company.

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