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      Introducing the Smosi Pre-Pack, a “Smoke & Go” addition to your flower sales. The Smosi Pre-Pack is the perfect compliment to your pre-roll and whole flower offering. Our current products present 3 unique ways to expand your flower business via a Pre-Pack in a Smosi Box, Dtube and Mbox3. Sell it pre-filled = a Pre-Pack. Each is water and odor resistant. Both the Smosi Pre-Pack Box and Dtube come with a Smosi clog-free surgical steel single-hit pipe. We offer a loading system for easy filling during production. The Smosi Pre-Pack Box holds up to 3.5 grams of flower. The bud does NOT have to be ground to go into the Pre-Pack, but can be a method of selling shake. Whereas, the Mbox3 has separate compartments with top and bottom lid to keep your pre-rolls clean and fresh. Your brand lives on as your customer carries and socializes with the Smosi Pre-Pack! Contact us to learn about putting a Smosi program in your dispensary or to use Smosi packaging to differentiate your brand. Learn more at or scan the QR code

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