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      TPS Lab brings over 80 years of experience as Your Crop’s Dieticians® to industrial hemp growers and is one of the earliest private consulting agronomic laboratories in the U.S. having been established 1938. Based on proprietary Plant Natural® Soil and Compost Tests and Ask The Plant® Plant Sap Analyses, TPS Lab typically has successes in guiding growers of high-value crops through difficult field and growing conditions on to profits that exceed expectations. As part of lab reports, TPS Lab provides its clients with detailed holistic recommendations for correcting field, plant nutrition and irrigation water problems to produce outstanding crops. After seven years of guiding Canadian industrial hemp growers to outstanding crops, TPS Lab developed its HEMPlan® in 2018 – a pre-plant-to-harvest testing and consulting program to guide industrial hemp growers to outstanding harvestable crops – even under often difficult field conditions. Each HEMPlan® is custom-designed around the grower’s budget, needs and circumstances. Plan ahead and start your HEMPlan® early!

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