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      reena kaven

      Dosing + Microdosing CBD: How much is Right for You?

      When asked what dose of CBD you should take, many CBD products and purveyors will give you a one size fits all answer. This does our industry a disservice. Finding the desired dose can take time and, despite what we are often told, is very personal and depends on several factors, requiring us to ask many questions for optimal efficacy. For what reason/ailment are you taking CBD? Is the amount you’re taking actually having the opposite desired effect? What is happening in your body at the time you take CBD that can also affect the bioavailability of a product? Did you know that how your CBD is extracted and the formulation of each product can enhance, or even abate, the efficacy of your dose. Are there added herbs, adaptogens, other cannabinoids in your product – and what is the terpene profile?

      And, importantly, how can you “dose” and/or “microdose” to make your CBD most effective for you? And what do we need to know about dosing other cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, and D8)?

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