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      How Finance Teams Increase Profits

      How Finance Teams Increase Profits

      We hope to underscore the critical value of finance teams in fostering financial health, operational efficiency, and strategic agility. By optimizing costs, maximizing revenue, and supporting continuous improvement, finance teams empower businesses to make informed decisions. Thus contributing to long-term profitability and success.

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      Julie Isbell

      How Finance Teams Increase Profits
      Julie is a tenured Accounting and Finance professional with deep knowledge and background in non-profit, manufacturing, and tax. After years of services to traditional industry and venture capital groups, Julie founded Good Fit Accounting in 2020 to provide CFO services to Cannabis businesses. Julie’s superpower is her “all in” attitude and commitment to pushing both client and industry forward for the better.
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      Daniel McCarthy

      How Finance Teams Increase Profits
      After 6 years as an Internal Revenue Agent in the Special Enforcement Program at the IRS, Daniel spent the last decade applying his financial accounting & business acumen in many highly-regulated & politically-charged spaces. His passion for social justice along with his firsthand experience with the positive impact cannabis and psychedelics can have on individual health and mental wellness lead him to form his CFO practice to both support and drive sustainability in cannabis.
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      Dave Woodbeck

      Dave’s career path is a roadmap of strategic thinking and financial acumen. He began with a solid foundation in accounting as a CPA at Ernst & Young and a senior analyst at Target. His thirst for innovation led him to the tech world, where he focused on business intelligence and marketing platforms with industry leaders like Oracle, Epiphany, and Infor.
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      Justin Woodbeck

      Justin graduated from St. Cloud University where he earned his accounting degree and worked in the finance operations and cash management space for the past 8 years. He supported the member bank clients with daily services that included cash operations, audit and reconciliation needs, fraud resolution and technical support. Justin also managed the bank’s internal needs, operations and liquidity. He has led and supported many project implementations including a new treasury workspace and a new wire and payment system.

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