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      Plant Life Cycle from Seed to Consumer Through the Perspective of Minnesota Women in Cannabis

      Plant Life Cycle from Seed to Consumer Through the Perspective of Minnesota Women in Cannabis

      The journey of cannabis from seed to consumer requires meticulous care, adherence to regulations, and a focus on quality to ensure a safe and consistent experience for consumers. Understanding this process is essential to appreciate the expertise and effort involved in bringing cannabis to market while maintaining responsible access. Our presentation will provide a detailed exploration of the journey, covering key stages that contribute to the quality, safety, and legality of the product

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      Veronika Alfaro

      Plant Life Cycle from Seed to Consumer Through the Perspective of Minnesota Women in Cannabis
      Veronika Alfaro, a first-generation Mexican American, is a passionate advocate, founder of Mi Sota Essence, a Latina cannabis company, wife, and mother of three. Fueled by her journey and navigating the limitations of traditional Western medication, she’s dedicated to destigmatizing cannabis, breaking down barriers, creating a space for Latinos in the industry, and promoting mobility, by empowering yourself through movement, cannabis, and self-care.
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      Jamie Croyle

      Plant Life Cycle from Seed to Consumer Through the Perspective of Minnesota Women in Cannabis
      Jamie Croyle is a passionate advocate for natural healing, specializing in cannabis, mushrooms, and various plant medicines. With a deep commitment to guiding individuals on their journey towards holistic wellness, Jamie’s expertise and dedication empower others to explore the transformative potential of these natural medicines. Her mission is to demystify the healing power of nature’s gifts and foster a greater understanding of how cannabis, mushrooms, and plant medicines can enhance wellbeing
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      Angela Dawson

      Founder & President/CEO Forty Acre Co-Op & President, The Great Rise
      Angela Dawson, a fourth-generation farmer and first-gen college grad. Her expertise spans community wellness, cooperation, food security, and economic equity. Angela has pioneered alternative economic models focusing on wellness, equity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Advocating for disadvantaged farmers, she co-founded The Great Rise for a robust and equitable cannabis economy from her Sandstone farm.
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      Ranelle Kirchner

      Ranelle Kirchner, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES is a food expert with over 15 years of food and nutrition experience working as a chef, dietitian, diabetes care and education specialist, and is also the owner/creator of High End Confections, a woman-owned cannabinoid confectionary based in St. Paul, MN. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality edible confections (food products containing CBD, THC, and other functional ingredients).
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      Rachel Kane

      Rachel Kane founded Sure Lock Packaging in 2016 after majoring in Graphic Design and Package Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She brought her passion for package design and engineering to the cannabis industry. The unique challenges of working in the cannabis industry are a perfect fit for Rachel’s skill sets. She combines knowledge from the corporate world with her excitement for meaningful package design, branding, and manufacturing.
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      Sara Gawinski

      Sara Gawinski, a Website Optimization and SEO Specialist, co-founded Higher State Marketing to empower cannabis brands facing online restrictions and censorship. Leveraging a decade of digital marketing expertise, Sara strategically enhances cannabis websites and boosts credibility with Google. Her methods significantly increase online visibility and website traffic, helping cannabis brands thrive online despite digital challenges.
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      Bre McGee

      Photographer. Visual Strategist.Bre McGee is the co-founder of Higher State Marketing, a boutique content studio that aids woman-owned cannabis brands in organic online growth through intentional photography and strategic SEO. Though new to the industry, Bre boasts over a decade of experience in capturing images that forge connections between brands and consumers, employing documentary-style behind-the-scenes and product photography techniques. Additionally, she owns Nest Studios, a photography coworking studio, and is fervent about facilitating brand success by highlighting their unique qualities through creative imagery.
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      Molly the Kush RN

      Molly the Kush RN, host of Conversations with Kush here! I’ve been a dedicated bedside nurse for over 22 years and have recently delved into the exciting world of cannabis nursing and podcasting. Blending my hands-on nursing experience with my newfound passion for cannabis nursing and podcasting, I aim to educate and uplift my listeners. My caregiving approach is rooted in compassion and commitment to enhancing patient forward health and well-being.
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      Stefanie Mulrooney

      BLNCD, Director of Client Relations and Training
      Stefanie Mulrooney’s career shift from Fortune 500 IT to cannabis advocate stems from a life-altering accident in 2013, leading her to embrace yoga and discover the healing power of cannabis. As a key figure at BLNCD Naturals, she propelled the brand to national recognition while advocating for cannabis legalization and supporting her Ukrainian heritage through community service. Grounded in yoga and meditation, Stefanie embodies resilience and purpose.
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      Rachelle Gordon

      Rachelle Gordon is an award-winning cannabis and psychedelics reporter and Editor of GreenState. She has become a critical voice in the emerging industry, traversing North America for the last seven years, covering the space as it developed. Rachelle has been featured in High Times, CannabisNow, MG Magazine, Cannabis & Tech Today, Beard Bros, and many other industry publications.

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