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      Green Luster Phenos

      Green Luster Phenos and it’s Founder Justin Esquivel – One of our Favorite Speakers

      For the past twelve years, Justin Esquivel has been a significant influencer and pioneer in the cannabis industry. He is currently the president and founder of Green Luster Phenos, LLC, as well as the Chief Genetics and Headmaster Grower for Hemp Geo Institute, LLC.

      What makes Green Luster Phenos Unique:

      Green Luster Phenos practices selective breeding indoors in a completely controlled environment protected by UV-C & HEPA filtration.  Green Luster Phenos uses an unconventional methodology of inbreeding for many seasons followed up by a stabilization cross for seed production.  Here at Green Luster Phenos we practice axillary node culture, implementing meristem tissue culture if we come across any pathogens or viruses.  Green Luster Phenos has scaled their operation in a manner which gives us more control than any “Big Ag Seed Producer”.  We have a one of a kind stratification program that is specific to cannabis and regional zone.

      Quote from Esquivel:

      “When we developed this brand we wanted every aspect of it to flow and jive well with the culture & cultivation side of the industry.

      Our circle logo is an exact representation of how we package our offspring.  All seed orders come in a black UV protected bag in a UV protected amber glass jar.  Inside this glass jar there is a pillow pack which controls the humidity during transit and long term storage.  We also wanted a jar that would be perfect for keeping your herb in everyday or during your travels

      When I see others storing their tree in our jars it brings a smile to my face!”

      “Our facilities are kept extremely sterile, the bacteria load range stays below 10.3 CFU/m3 across our facilities.

      We are HPLVD conscious and will continue to ensure our clients that we are delivering the most clean & advanced germplasm in today’s market.”

      “Our inbreeding programs ensure high stability without the production of “micro seeds”.

      When we are finished with our 18 to 24 months of genetic engineering, our last seed production run for sale brings some beautiful, large, dark & tiger striped seeds.”


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      About Green Luster Phenos:

      Green Luster Phenos LLC is a superlative genetics company focusing on providing predictable and uniform exotic offspring to Adult Use Cannabis & Hemp Growers Globally!  We specialize in exceptionally high Cannabinoid Hemp & Adult use cannabis genetics.  We develop Type I, Type II and Type III Cannabis Genetics.  GLP is able to foster in one of a kind cultivars using some stable homozygous germ-plasm that has been established over the last 13 years!  Our germplasm vault houses many well-known legacy cannabis strains dating back to 2012.  We collaborate with many other veteran breeding companies based out of Spain & Amsterdam allowing our genetics program the ability of introducing an entirely new genome to the states!  A genome that is one of a kind and scarce on the market.

      Justin was the principal grower and led the genetics division of a huge indoor commercial-scale cultivation facility that was located out of Colorado. The operation was 20,000 square feet in size. In the medicinal cannabis industry, Justin was also involved in the creation of two additional enterprises in 2012 that were of a commercial magnitude.

      He raises the bar for standard operating procedures to an exceptional level. His genetics company is able to bring a totally new genome to the United States as a result of Justin’s collaboration with a large number of other professional breeding organizations situated in Spain and Amsterdam.

      A genome that is unique in existence and difficult to find on the market. Justin has made it his specialty, and he approaches it with a great deal of enthusiasm, to develop superior genetics that offer producers dependable and uniform progeny. Green Luster Phenos, which he supplies, are only available to a very small set of approved producers. His novel approach of selective homozygous breeding and cannabis-specific stratification has captured the attention of the most influential thought leaders in the breeding industry.

      When he’s not working in one of his breeding chambers or providing consultancy services in the field, you can find him relaxing at home with his amazing wife and equally amazing daughters.

      Justin has been speaking at Lucky Leaf for a long time and we highly recommend you check out one of his sessions at the next event.


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