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Media/Press Pass

Lucky Leaf proudly embraces media organizations and the press! We welcome editorial coverage in Jackson that highlights progress in the hemp industry and our contribution. If you are a member of the press and would like to feature our organization, we invite you to attend a Lucky Leaf Expo in your area! Get your Lucky Leaf Jackson CBD expo press pass.

Please read the following requirements to be eligible for a Lucky Leaf Expo media/press pass in MS. By completing the form, you agree to follow all venue regulations and event requirements. Application is not a guarantee of approval for a Jackson cannabis expo press. We will confirm your credentials prior to the event via email.

  • Lucky Leaf retains the right to cancel Jackson CBD expo press passes at any time and for any reason.
  • There are a limited number of Lucky Leaf Jackson press passes, and they typically become unavailable up to two weeks prior.
  • Passes are not guaranteed for any/every media organization.
  • Passes are limited to one per media organization.
  • Passes cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Passes are for media coverage only and are not given to business/sales professionals.
  • Passes are not permitted for exhibitor use or promotional purposes.
  • Audio and visual recordings of seminars are prohibited.
  • Additional venue regulations may apply to the Jackson CBD expo press. It is your responsibility to abide by their terms.

How to Get Lucky Leaf Credentials at the Jackson Cannabis Expo!


Decide to make a difference! Then fill out the Jackson cannabis expo press pass application.


Lucky Leaf will review your press application and notify you via email if your application is approved.


If approved, follow the instructions in the notification email to register for the expo before you arrive.

Apply for a Lucky Leaf Press Pass!

Apply now to get your Lucky Leaf Jackson cannabis expo press pass.

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