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Data Drives: the key metrics that relate to the success of your cannabis business, yielding greater net operating margin through HR, compliance, and accounting.

The Support Suite will review the key data metrics that any Cannabis business must be mindful of to be successful. These metrics are tied to a strong HR function, an accounting and finance function that runs like clockwork and provides valuable business insights, and a compliance function that keeps businesses aligned with strict regulatory requirements.

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Genetic Selecting and Strategic Cultivation

Selecting genetics that were bred for your specific region. Seed viability, the importance of a “radical. Cultivation techniques appropriate for your end product, environment and genotype.

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Safe, Secure and Legal Credit Card Processing

| | | Andy Anderson |

There is now a safe, secure and above all legal way for the CBD and Cannabis industry to take credit card payments and best of all the processing fees are paid by the customer not the merchant. We work in all fifty states, if your product is legal in your state we can set you up to accept virtually any credit card. It’s a proven point that accepting credit cards over cash only will effectively improve your sales volume and you can track your sales on your mobile device from anywhere.

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Cannabis Tax Codes: Keeping you ahead of the law

| | | Rose Taylor |

Did you know the IRS can deny deductions completely if
you are operating without good records? Also since there
are no “deductions” in cannabis it’s important that your
cost of goods sold is flowing properly through inventory
which is a business asset.

Under an audit having actual receipts looks great. You can
try to recreate your expenses from a bank or credit card
statement… but what if they are paid in cash? Part of our
monthly bookkeeping for clients includes electronic
receipt storage

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Accounting, 280e and lessons learned

I’ve seen the accounting profession provide very little of value to a CEO in the Cannabis space:
• Does your Accountant/bookkeeper “really” understand 280e, how to do correct cost accounting, and understand entity structure/cost allocations?
• Is your company struggling with cash flow even though the industry is booming?
• Is your Accountant concerned with improving your cash flow and margins?
• Is your Accountant working with you all year, or just at tax time?

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How to Open a Dispensary 101: Licensing & Application Phase

| | | Maxime Kot |

With cannabis sales projected to generate over $22B in 2021, investors are considering what license opportunities have the most potential. A dispensary license offers a healthy profit margin with most new operations 75% profitable within the first year of opening. New Mexico entrepreneurs interested in applying for a license will learn what they need to consider and how to prepare for their dispensary application.

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No One Grows Alone: The Sales Approach that Can Save Cannabis Business

While the stigma around cannabis is breaking, the stigmas inside the industry hold businesses back. Francesca shares an elevated mindset and practical applications that take companies from surviving to thriving. How? By making professional sales the second priority in their business. She challenges the status quo of current sales models and shows the audience how to improve revenues immediately, strengthen brand identity, and build long term success.

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Cannabinoid Medicine: Knowing the Health Benefits for Your B2B Clients

There are endless CBD companies for your clients to choose from. So how do you influence them to buy your product? Know the medical information that makes your product stand out. This presentation will delve into the health benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to better assist your clients in choosing and creating cannabinoid products.

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Correlating Cannabis & Culinary Arts

| | | Jazmine Moore |

An Analysis of CBD & Gut Health Chef, Crohn’s survivor Jazmine Moore of Green Panther Chef. Over 70% of Americans suffer from a gastrointestinal problem or Cannabinoids have a direct correlation with gut health and overall health.

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The need for professional Cannabis education to enhance and develop the cannabis industry

| | | Kevin Greene |

Cannabis Tax and Business Challenges

| | | Mitzi Keating |

In this seminar you will learn from operators in more mature markets regarding the common challenges, tax challenges, cash flow challenges and other aspects of the industry that you may not be aware of prior to entering this industry. We will discuss 280E, tax structures, and common business pitfalls that you will likely encounter in this industry. Learn from other mature markets as to how to navigate the unique industry impacts that will impact you.

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