Detroit 2022

Law & Cannabis Businesses: What All Owners & Operators Should Know

The cannabis industry challenges business owners and operators with unforgiving, complicated laws and regulations as well as complex transactions with sophisticated parties, who are all attempting to maximize profits. This vital session provides a broad overview of legal topics that directly impact every member of the cannabis industry. Attendees can expect to expect to walk away with an understanding of legal issues facing cannabis businesses and how to mitigate the associated risks.

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Genetic Selecting and Strategic Cultivation

Selecting genetics that were bred for your specific region. Seed viability, the importance of a “radical. Cultivation techniques appropriate for your end product, environment and genotype.

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Cannabinoid Medicine: Knowing the Health Benefits for Your B2B Clients

There are endless CBD companies for your clients to choose from. So how do you influence them to buy your product? Know the medical information that makes your product stand out. This presentation will delve into the health benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to better assist your clients in choosing and creating cannabinoid products.

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Getting Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Industry

Learn detailed information about the type of documents investors require prior to funding consideration, identifying the right investors for your company and how to go about finding them, other unique ways of raising capital without seeking investors and what not to do or say when speaking with investors.

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Normalization before legalization

It has been a firm belief by Mitch that cannabis will be normalized way before it will be legalized. With the upcoming bill in legislation this may change everything we know, if the bill passes. How will the change in legislation affect how people purchase stocks in cannabis, invest in cannabis and view cannabis? Find out how you too can invest in legal cannabis research and development.

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The Cannabis Marketing Pyramid: A Step-By-Step Process to Creating a Winning Cannabis Brand

Welcome to the new WILD WEST of marketing: the cannabis industry! Boundaries and restrictions force cannabis marketers to think creatively and take big risks. In this session, we’ll explore the strategies, tactics, and tools that you can implement in your own business. From foundational to advanced, this session provides the audience a step-by-step process to creating a winning cannabis brand.

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Building a Compliant Facility

The cannabis industry is burdened with strict regulatory requirements & challenging schedule expectations, making it difficult for business owners to receive their license & become operational. This presentation will provide a detailed overview and outline best practices for navigating the complex licensure & construction process for both dispensary & cultivation facilities. It will dive into the myriad of regulatory & compliance requirements related to real estate, security & construction.

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Safe, Secure and Legal Credit Card Processing

| | | Andy Anderson |

There is now a safe, secure and above all legal way for the CBD and Cannabis industry to take credit card payments and best of all the processing fees are paid by the customer not the merchant. We work in all fifty states, if your product is legal in your state we can set you up to accept virtually any credit card. It’s a proven point that accepting credit cards over cash only will effectively improve your sales volume and you can track your sales on your mobile device from anywhere.

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Regulatory Compliance

Learn some of the regulations governing commercial cannabis businesses. Since recreational legalization kicked in December of 2018, Michigan has become the fastest growing state in the recreational cannabis industry. Already the 2nd largest medical cannabis market in the US, the recreational market in Michigan could reach $1 billion dollars in sales this year, and sales may climb past $3 billion each year in the near future.

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Cannabis Tax Codes: Keeping you ahead of the law

| | | Rose Taylor |

Did you know the IRS can deny deductions completely if
you are operating without good records? Also since there
are no “deductions” in cannabis it’s important that your
cost of goods sold is flowing properly through inventory
which is a business asset.

Under an audit having actual receipts looks great. You can
try to recreate your expenses from a bank or credit card
statement… but what if they are paid in cash? Part of our
monthly bookkeeping for clients includes electronic
receipt storage

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The need for professional Cannabis education to enhance and develop the cannabis industry

| | | Kevin Greene |

Cannabis Security: Why it’s important and what to look for in a security company

| | | Grady Emmons |

Security expert leading the conversation of the importance of safety and security in the cannabis industry. Encouraging facilities to be proactive vs. reactive in a high risk, high target market. Openly discussing issues that affect cannabis facilities, both internal and external threats and what to look for when vetting security companies.

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Technology in the Cannabis Packaging Space

| | | John Hartsell |

DIZPOT started as a wholesale operation and quickly evolved to meet the growing needs of the industry when the team realized there was a void in industry-specific solutions for the market, as well as packaging specialists with compliance expertise. With supply chain issues, multi-state compliance variances, and the need for child-proof packaging, DIZPOT has created technology platforms that reduce errors and streamline procurement processes for cannabis brands.

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Producing and Formulating Medicines from Cannabis

The session covers a multitude of cannabinoid production methods including botanical extraction, conversion, biosynthesis, and inorganic synthesis. Additionally, the session will illustrate the key considerations for formulating effective therapeutics from cannabis-derived ingredients. Participants will gain valuable knowledge for guiding long-term strategic positioning in the cannabis products market with a focus on human health and sustainability.

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You obtained your license, now what? Perception of businesses professionalism matters, especially in the cannabis industry. During this session we will learn the basics of lender and investor preparedness. As your preparedness when 1st approaching and connecting with the financiers will directly effect how they perceive your business and how the relationship develops.
When so much is out of the business owners control it is key to control the controllables as much as possible.

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| | | Stephen Arndt |

This seminar focuses on the security and compliance issues that effect all types of cannabis businesses from manufacturing to a growth facility to dispensaries. I will show you the technology and a few simple steps you can take right now to make sure your business can effectively and economically deploy security measures as well as simplifying your compliance strategies.

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Refining the Extraction Process with On-site Testing

| | | Jill Carreiro |

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis extraction, there exists a wide spectrum of philosophies on ideal methods and best practices. Process-tracking practices with on-site analytical technology can provide real-time data to extractors, helping them optimize end products, achieve quality goals, improve operations, and support commercial success. This presentation highlights real-world case studies and success stories from extractors utilizing on-site testing within their operations.

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No One Grows Alone: The Sales Approach that Can Save Cannabis Business

While the stigma around cannabis is breaking, the stigmas inside the industry hold businesses back. Francesca shares an elevated mindset and practical applications that take companies from surviving to thriving. How? By making professional sales the second priority in their business. She challenges the status quo of current sales models and shows the audience how to improve revenues immediately, strengthen brand identity, and build long term success.

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Data Drives: the key metrics that relate to the success of your cannabis business, yielding greater net operating margin through HR, compliance, and accounting.

The Support Suite will review the key data metrics that any Cannabis business must be mindful of to be successful. These metrics are tied to a strong HR function, an accounting and finance function that runs like clockwork and provides valuable business insights, and a compliance function that keeps businesses aligned with strict regulatory requirements.

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The Advent of a New Paradigm: Cannabis and Psilocybin Microdosing as “Psychic Vitamins” to Release Trauma and Support Emotional Healing

There’s a quiet revolution occurring in how we address difficult emotions and the trauma that underpins them. The historical and faltering paradigm for dealing with trauma focuses on intellectualizing one’s past or reviewing memories to try to make sense of them. But this old school method is being eclipsed by innovative new modalities that include “somatic listening” and psychedelic-assisted therapies. These cutting-edge technologies are key components of Becca Williams’ Emotional Liberation®.

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