Detroit 2022

Genetic Selecting and Strategic Cultivation

Selecting genetics that were bred for your specific region. Seed viability, the importance of a “radical. Cultivation techniques appropriate for your end product, environment and genotype.

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Safe, Secure and Legal Credit Card Processing

| | | Andy Anderson |

There is now a safe, secure and above all legal way for the CBD and Cannabis industry to take credit card payments and best of all the processing fees are paid by the customer not the merchant. We work in all fifty states, if your product is legal in your state we can set you up to accept virtually any credit card. It’s a proven point that accepting credit cards over cash only will effectively improve your sales volume and you can track your sales on your mobile device from anywhere.

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Cannabis Security: Why it’s important and what to look for in a security company

| | | Grady Emmons |

Producing and Formulating Medicines from Cannabis

The session covers a multitude of cannabinoid production methods including botanical extraction, conversion, biosynthesis, and inorganic synthesis. Additionally, the session will illustrate the key considerations for formulating effective therapeutics from cannabis-derived ingredients. Participants will gain valuable knowledge for guiding long-term strategic positioning in the cannabis products market with a focus on human health and sustainability.

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