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      Albuquerque, New Mexico 2024

      “AI-Powered Dispensary Marketing: Efficiency, Time Savings, and Winning More Business”

      | | | Jason Smallheer |

      Presentation Objectives:

      1. Harnessing AI for Marketing Efficiency: Discover how dispensaries can leverage AI tools and platforms to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as campaign optimization, customer segmentation, and content creation, enhancing efficiency and resource allocation.
      2. Time-Saving Solutions: Uncover AI-driven solutions that enable dispensaries to reclaim valuable time spent on manual marketing activities. Learn how AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling can provide actionable insights, allowing dispensary owners to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.
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      Unlocking the Green Economy: Navigating the Cannabis Industry Landscape

      | | | Matthan Ibidapo |

      As the cannabis industry continues to gain momentum globally, it presents both opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and consumers alike. This presentation aims to explore the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, providing insights into key trends, regulatory frameworks, market dynamics, and opportunities for growth and innovation. From cultivation and processing to distribution and retail, we will delve into the various facets of cannabis operations.

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      Tip of the Iceberg: Lost Revenue Potential in Cannabis

      The cannabis industry is quickly maturing with most markets experiencing significant price compression and increased competition. Each cultivation operation experiences a variety of challenges. This session will discuss how cultivators increase their productivity, profitability, and competitiveness.

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      5 Ways to Market Your Dispensary like a Fortune 100 Enterprise

      | | | Dan Mondello |

      Unlock the secrets to elevate your dispensary’s marketing game. Dive into strategic insights inspired by the success of Fortune 100 giants. Learn how to enhance your dispensary’s visibility, leverage cutting-edge techniques, and implement proven strategies tailored to the competitive cannabis market. This presentation will teach you how to elevate your brand presence and customer engagement, thinking like a Fortune 100 company.

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      Setting Your Business Up for Success

      Looking for information to get your new business off the right start or improve your current operation? We’ll provide some key business operation insights & a few key tools you use immediately in your business. From a 10,000-foot view of entity structure to the difference company culture makes in your business, These two experienced cannabis industry business experts have you covered. Learn from their stories of industry success & challenges faced in an entertaining, yet informative seminar.

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      How to Develop & Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

      | | | Rick Rainbolt |

      Learn the fundamentals and the pitfalls to avoid in developing a premium exotic flower grow facility and operation. Learn about facility development starting with selecting the correct property, the type of facility to build, how to precisely control the environment, and setting up a perpetual rotation and cultivation program.

      The session will substantially help in avoiding costly mistakes and make sure growers are on the right path to developing a successful premium flower operation.

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      Authentic Branding, Revenue Increasing Genetics & Cultivation Success funded by Solventless Extraction

      | | | Justin Esquivel |

      How to develop an Authentic Brand that will succeed in today’s industry.  Where to source revenue increasing genetics that are out performing whats saturated in the marketplace.  Learn what products & S.O.P’s are needed to keep a pest & bacteria free garden.  Let’s end this session by discussing how you can implement solvent-less extraction to increase your profits, decrease harvest waste & create a higher grade connoisseur product without having to DRY or CURE your harvest!

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      Hitting the Mark on Hemp Trademarks

      | | | Paul Stevenson |

      Due to ongoing changes in federal and state laws, hemp goods and services are being sold and provided into commerce to consumers across the nation. Hemp businesses need to ensure that their brand is protected, which can be accomplished by obtaining a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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