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      Albany, New York 2023

      New vs. Established Markets – How to Servive During These Challanging Times

      | | | Mike Goral |

      New markets to cannabis can benefit from the mistakes made in the past. Capital needs will exceed projections and good record keeping, internal policies and procedures as well as prudent tax planning can help you succeed during these challenging times. This secession will help you develop best practices so that your company can grow and obtain investor confidence.

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      Securing Cannabis Real Estate in Emerging Markets

      Commercial cannabis real estate is hard to secure and expensive to make operational. Understanding the challenges is key to ensuring you don’t waste time or money. From choosing a location that meets zoning laws to understanding whether to lease or purchase to securing insurance and creating realistic construction timelines, this session will cover it all. We’ll take you through the important aspects to consider when securing commercial cannabis real estate all while preserving crucial capital.

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      How to Attract Top Employees in New York’s New Adult-Use Cannabis Market

      | | | Joe-Madigan |
      The legal adult-use cannabis market in New York has opened with a unique employment law. Unlike other major markets such as California and Colorado, there are currently no known licenses or cards required to be an employee at a New York cannabis facility. I will discuss the best practices necessary for owners to properly navigate the nascent market and attract top employees for their new cultivation, dispensary or truck-based businesses.
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      Plant Sap Analysis 101 for Cannabis Cultivation

      | | | Scott Wall |

      What is plant sap analysis? How is it different from dry tissue analysis? How and when do you collect samples for submission to a plant sap laboratory? How do you read a plant sap report and interpret the data? And most importantly how do you make management decisions from that data? All this will be addressed in a rapid fast passed presentation

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      Cannabis Insurance-Compliance requirements and options

      Cannabis Insurance? Is it legit? How much it costs? Why do I need cannabis approved insurance? What is required by regulation authorities? How reliable are the insurance carriers?Common questions that are frequently asked by new and experienced operators, far too often many operations get insurance through “traditional” channels or through insurance agents who have no idea how the cannabis industry works. Learn what is needed and how to scale coverages as you grow.

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      Beyond 280E: Navigating State Tax Compliance

      | | | Kenya Alexander |
      Sales tax, excise tax, payroll tax, income tax… so many taxes! Not only do cannabis business owners need to be aware of the federal tax laws, but also the state requirements. State tax requirements are just as important (if not more) as federal taxes because one slip-up could cost you your license.
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      Ask Me Anything about Cannabis Legalization in New York

      | | | Jeffrey Hoffman |
      New York has legalized cannabis and is in the process of establishing the framework for the regulated cannabis industry in the state. How did we get here? Where do things stand now? And where are we headed? This session will start with a brief overview of the past, present, and future of the regulated adult use cannabis industry in New York and then shift to a live, in person rendering of the speaker’s well known “Ask Me Anything about Cannabis Legalization in New York” event.
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      Cannabis Financing Grows Up: Managing Today’s Options

      | | | Kevin Bush |

      Kevin will discuss the evolution of cannabis financing and provide a baseline of information for business owners to help make financing decisions. The conversation will review the historical role of traditional banks in funding businesses and how finance entrepreneurs are working to fill that role in the cannabis industry, as well as provide an overview of where money is available today and how businesses can best position themselves to attract funding.

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      ERP Software & Cannabis Connoisseurship

      | | | Rob Sanchez |

      Enterprise Resource Planning systems are essential to maximize efficiency and profits of your cannabis business. We’ll review ERPs and discuss Integrations and Compliance during this session first. Then we’ll talk about Cannabis Connoisseurship and why it matters in the industry before putting the two together to see why and how ERPs can contribute too products worthy of connoisseurship. Join Rob Sanchez, Product Manager & Agile Coach at BLAZE for this informative session on Cannabis software.

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      The Importance of Natural & Organic-based Methods to Cannabis Production

      | | | Ellis Smith |

      Growing organically is a differentiator. Not everyone is going to grow organically, however it is not as complicated as people think. It can help create market segmentation for cannabis with a higher perceived value protecting against price degradation in highly competitive and maturing markets.Risk Mitigation is key. Growing with organic based and low carbon footprint tech and simplifying using water only living soils.

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      Under-Canopy Lighting – Using under-canopy lighting to increase yields and improve plant health

      | | | Steven McMorrow |
      Lighting the top of a canopy is not enough. Placing lights beneath a canopy helps increase yields for growers, which can boost their revenue without having to expand the size of their facility. The seminar will dive into the HOW as well as the WHY of under-canopy lighting in the cannabis industry along with real world examples and independent white papers and case studies.
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      New York State of Mind

      | | | James Rieger |

      The presentation will provide an overview of New York’s complex regulatoryframework for adult-use cannabis legalization as well as the dichotomy of ongoing Federal illegality and prohibition. The presentation will discuss strategies (and themany challenges) for optimally approaching the New York market to build a cannabis business inlight of the unique statutory and regulatory environment that New York has spent the past two yearscrafting.

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      How to utilize technology and data as a business owner in the cannabis industry

      | | | Dawne Morris |

      Data is only useful if you use it and know how to use it. When it comes to the cannabis industry, there are a wealth of software solutions and platforms available to businesses, but understanding how to apply these analytics and insights to help a business grow and scale can be overwhelming. This presentation will focus on what technologies exist in the emerging marketplace and how traditional data solutions are shaping industry-specific softwares for an improved user experience.

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      From the Ground Up!

      | | | Ronald Durbin |

      In this seminar Ronald E. Durbin will share his extensive knowledge of cannabis “From the Ground UP”, everything you need to know to start, operate, be compliant and have a successful business in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

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      How to Run a More Profitable Cannabis Business

      | | | Sandy Suchoff |

      Cannabis businesses are faced with higher compliance costs and higher taxes when compared to other types of businesses. Additionally, in a lot of states the markets are saturated and there is increased competition. Many times the owners are wearing so many hats— many of which they should not be doing because they don’t like it, is not productive, or a good use of their time. There is a system to create a path to a more successful and profitable cannabis business. Attendees will learn how cash is more important than profit, and how profit is more important than revenue. The five drivers of revenue, profit, and cash flow will be taught. Attendees will also learn about targets and forecasts, and how they should let the right numbers drive their decisions. We will demonstrate how to keep a scoreboard about what to do every month to keep on track to achieve higher profits and increase cash flow. Lastly, the audience will learn how to create financial objectives and actionable plans to move the needles closer to their targeted numbers.

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      There’s So Much Cash! Best Practices for Securing, Automating and Managing Your Cash Handling

      | | | Shawn Kruger |

      Industrywide, its estimated that between 95 and 99% of all cannabis-related transactions are carried out in cash. There isn’t one reason why this is the case, rather it’s a trifecta of causes legal, financial and social. Until all three of those are relaxed, cash volumes will continue to pour into the cannabis space. This session will share insights into how the industry can benefit from the idea of cash automation or leveraging technology to better manage, count, and store cash.

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      Cannabis odor – Public Enemy #1

      | | | Derek Stucki |

      Odor is the industry’s biggest public-facing problem – and we are not winning. We will define the current challenge and look at the coming regulatory impact on odor control. A deep dive into why people complain about odor and why it’s complicated is next. Explore available odor control technologies and see what’s working and what’s not. Understand the science of odor elimination. Leave attendees with a clear understanding of challenges and solutions around cannabis odor.

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      How to Develop & Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

      | | | Rick Rainbolt |

      Learn the fundamentals and the pitfalls to avoid in developing a premium exotic flower grow facility and operation. Learn about facility development starting with selecting the correct property, the type of facility to build, how to precisely control the environment, and setting up a perpetual rotation and cultivation program. We’ll cover the (1) Facility (2) Genetics (3) Cultivation. Learn the 3 fundamentals for success in the premium exotic flower niche, the 5 fundamentals to building a premium exotic flower facility, how to set up the facility for perpetual rotation for monthly harvest and how to set up the facility to properly interact with genetics and cultivation.

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      Homozygous Genetics, Cannabis Tissue Culture & Advanced Cultivation

      | | | Justin Esquivel |

      Take a deep dive into why stable genetics are so important and how you can implement tissue culture into any size cultivation canopy. This will educate & teach the grower how to achieve frosty & flavorful buds time after time!  Learn about how to keep your crop bacteria & pest free from start to finish! Become aware of the greatest and most advanced tricks that can be implemented in home or commercial cultivation to achieve exotic premium buds.  Understand what to look for when choosing the genetics that you will be cultivating under your BRAND.  Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back!  The cream always rises to the top!

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