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      Albuquerque, New Mexico 2023

      Is Hops Latent Viroid Reducing Your Potency? The Dangers and Prevalence of HLVd in New Mexico

      | | | Jonathon Leach |

      Hops Latent Viroid is a disease that infects cannabis and hops plants. Cannabis plants infected with HLVd can have reduced flower and THC production. HLVd is very difficult to eliminate once it has infected a plant and is becoming a prevalent issue in the cannabis industry. This presentation will describe how the viroid infects plants, how it is tested for, and provide best practices for preventing infection.

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      5 Keys For Raising Capital in Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp

      Cannabis is a capital-intensive game. Get inside the head of an investor to understand the due diligence they do before investing in your company. We will go from a novice in raising capital to an expert in 1 hour. Going forward, investors will be much more demanding of cannabis, CBD, & Hemp startups. They expect better internal controls and better accounting policies & procedures. Investors want to see plans for their audit trail.

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      The Intersection of Soil Biology & Mineralization for Regenerative Farming

      | | | Bart Eller |

      Bart combines the research of regenerative soil science pioneers like Dr. William Albrecht, Dr. Elaine Ingham, and Dr. Kristin Nichols into a practice that is uniquely his own. Soil microbes are critical to the process but anyone familiar with cultivating hemp plants knows they can consume more nutrients than almost any other crop. Because of this, it is crucial to overall plant health and yield to introduce the right amount of mineral nutrition, in the proper ratios, into the soil before planting.

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      How to Leverage PR for Cannabis Businesses

      With the ever-changing media landscape, the highly competitive cannabis industry, and advertising and marketing restrictions put on the cannabis industry, PR can be leveraged to propel cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level. In this presentation, attendees will receive a high-level overview of the differences in B2B and B2C communications strategies, the importance of tying all messaging back to a campaign, and how businesses of all levels can immediately start planning and implement an effective communication strategy.

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      A Better Way To Do Business

      A Better Way To Do Business covers multiple options for business owners to save time, money, and hassles through outsourcing professional services to providers that are experts in their field. PEOs, HROs, ASOs, marketing consultants, remote CFOs, attorneys, CPAs, and cannabis consulting groups will all be touched on through the presentation as to gain an understanding of what they have to offer and the benefits of using these resources for your business.

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      Automation in Cannabis

      | | | Kurt Kinneman |

      The presentation on automation in cannabis will explore the role of technology in enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of growing and extracting cannabis. It will cover the different types of automation technologies used in growing and extracting, including PLCs, microprocessors, sensors, and equipment that can be controlled.

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      Avoiding Blind Spots – 90+ Questions that Decision Makers should proactively consider to launch a successful cultivation operation

      | | | Brian Staffa |

      With 13 years in commercial cannabis, executive operator Brian Staffa discusses the plethora of decisions that need to be proactively made at foundational stages of launching a cultivation operation. This zero-fluff talk covers more than 90 rapid-fire, sequential questions. It sheds light on common blind spots, explains when and why you need to care about various intricacies at each stage of the process, and helps you understand the consequences of overlooking or bypassing these considerations.

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      Sustainability and the future of cannabis along with Workers and Consumer Safety in cultivation facilities

      As cultivations grow in size and demand, unfortunately so does the amount of waste. Now is the time to start thinking of the future of agriculture and how to focus on sustainable grows along with the safety of our staff and consumers. As states increase regulations and product testing, this is going to increase pressure on growers to produce safe, high-quality products.

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      How To Sell Weed Online – The Smart Way

      | | | Max Juhasz |

      Marketing cannabis can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing. This presentation will go over what works, what doesn’t work and what will be a total waste of money. Avoid the pitfalls and shiny objects that end up costing you more than what you see in return. Bring a notebook and ask questions.

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      Licensing Cannabis Brands

      | | | Luke Batty |

      This seminar will help aspiring multistate cannabis brands, manufacturers, and dispensary operators understand the fundamentals of a brand licensing relationship. We will summarize the different assets that can be licensed across state lines and identify the key provisions that may avoid contentious and expensive disputes. This seminar will prepare brands and their licensee partners to develop solid business models and legal agreements that protect their interests. Attendees will leave this seminar armed with a solid understanding of the core elements required to build such a relationship while avoiding common and painful (i.e., expensive) mistakes. 

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      Plant Sap Analysis 101 for Cannabis Cultivation

      | | | Scott Wall |

      What is plant sap analysis? How is it different from dry tissue analysis? How and when do you collect samples for submission to a plant sap laboratory? How do you read a plant sap report and interpret the data? And most importantly how do you make management decisions from that data? All this will be addressed in a rapid fast passed presentation

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      Choosing the Right Tax Entity for your Cannabis Business: Does it align with your long term goals?

      | | | Rose Taylor |
      During this presentation we will go over how different entities are treated for tax purposes, taking into account IRC 280E. The audience will walk away with an understanding of different entity types, their tax treatment, and a checklist of things they need to consider when choosing their entity. This is important for business owners, investors, partners, and future investors. The audience will also have a foundational understanding of what is cost of goods sold as it pertains to IRC 280E.
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      Beyond 280e The Real Reason You Could Lose Your Cannabis License & How To Protect It

      | | | Sonya Moreno |

      While this is an extremely important issue to help cannabis business owners to not only save money on their federal tax return but also ensure they are protected in the event of a federal tax audit, there are some more immediate priorities that your cannabis accountant should understand in order to ensure you are able to maintain your state issued license.

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      Cultivating Compliance: Navigating State Tax Compliance With Confidence

      | | | Kenya Alexander |

      Prepare to gain invaluable insights into best practices for tracking revenue, managing inventory, and understanding tax implications within the cannabis sector. Our expert speaker will share practical strategies and expert tips to ensure accurate record-keeping, robust internal controls, and seamless integration of compliance measures into your financial processes.

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      Create a Culture of Compliance: Avoiding Compliance Complacency in the Face of More Regulations

      | | | Jenny Germano |

      It’s important more than ever to ensure there is a strong foundation for compliance in place, as newly awarded licensed operators enter the adult-use cannabis market. Whether you have been awarded a license, or are an existing operator or thinking about entering the market, Compliance is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a successful business under the regulatory microscope.

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      How to Develop & Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

      | | | Rick Rainbolt |

      Learn the fundamentals and the pitfalls to avoid in developing a premium exotic flower grow facility and operation. Learn about facility development starting with selecting the correct property, the type of facility to build, how to precisely control the environment, and setting up a perpetual rotation and cultivation program. We’ll cover the (1) Facility (2) Genetics (3) Cultivation. Learn the 3 fundamentals for success in the premium exotic flower niche, the 5 fundamentals to building a premium exotic flower facility, how to set up the facility for perpetual rotation for monthly harvest and how to set up the facility to properly interact with genetics and cultivation.

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      Genetics, Cannabis Tissue Culture & Advanced Cultivation

      | | | Justin Esquivel |

      Take a deep dive into why stable genetics are so important and how you can implement tissue culture into any size cultivation canopy. This will educate & teach the grower how to achieve frosty & flavorful buds time after time!  Learn about how to keep your crop bacteria & pest free from start to finish! Become aware of the greatest and most advanced tricks that can be implemented in home or commercial cultivation to achieve exotic premium buds.  Understand what to look for when choosing the genetics that you will be cultivating under your BRAND.  Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back!  The cream always rises to the top!

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      Protecting Your Green: Utilizing Payroll, HR and Timekeeping to Keep Your Cannabis Operation Compliant

      | | | Teresa Kearney |

      For those knowledgeable in cannabis but not as strong in back office practices, this session is for you. Learn the simple processes that will keep you legally compliant and help your cannabis business run smoothly. Often overlooked, Payroll, HR and Timekeeping can drive your business to success or failure. Learn the essentials from a payroll professional. Teresa will discuss 1099 vs. W2, employee handbooks and job descriptions, HR/OSHA compliance and more.

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