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      St. Louis, Missouri 2023

      Avoiding Blind Spots – 90+ Questions that Decision Makers should proactively consider to launch a successful cultivation operation

      | | | Brian Staffa |

      With 13 years in commercial cannabis, executive operator Brian Staffa discusses the plethora of decisions that need to be proactively made at foundational stages of launching a cultivation operation. This zero-fluff talk covers more than 90 rapid-fire, sequential questions. It sheds light on common blind spots, explains when and why you need to care about various intricacies at each stage of the process, and helps you understand the consequences of overlooking or bypassing these considerations.

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      Entity Structures – What Every Cannabis Business Need to Know

      We will cover key points on the different types of business entities and some of the important distinctions between them. The most common thing we hear when we ask how a business is taxed is an “I’m an LLC.” which is not a taxable entity. Education on entity structures can make it easier to secure capital, save on business and personal taxes and reduce or eliminate personal liability for business debts.

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      Hydrocarbon Solvent Comparison Index: A way of predicting the performance differences between different hydrocarbon solvents

      | | | Mathew Clark |

      We have developed a unique tool to quantify and predict solvent performance based on two indices – Solvent Power and Degassibility – that are derived from known physical and chemical properties. Solvent properties are shown vary in a predictable and understandable manner. The tool allows extractors to make more informed decisions about solvent use and optimize solvent composition to process specific biomass, make specific products, and realize desired yield and product quality.

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      Cooking Demos on the Expo Floor

      | | | Chef Carl Hazel |

      Chef Carl Hazel offers expertise in a wide range of culinary methods — including farm-to-table, whole-animal cooking, butchery and charcuterie, confections — as well as experience in cannabis infused creative menu creation.


      Carl has honed his skills in a career spanning over two decades, during which he has worked and offered leadership in the kitchens at several of St. Louis’ favorite restaurants such as The Scottish Arms, 1111 Mississippi, Sqwires, Gamlin Whiskey house, and Oakedstl. Throughout his career, Carl has also competed in (and won!) some of the city’s best-known food events, including Taste of St. Louis and RFT Iron Fork (winner, 2011).


      Post pandemic, Chef Carl made the decision to work in cannabis kitchens as Edibles Director for the newly commenced Revolt Labs, Housing brands such as Revolt edibles, Plain Jane chocolates, and Heliocentric concentrates.



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      Cultivation Panel: From Seed to Sale

      This panel discussion and Q&A session is focused on the ins & outs of cultivation, streamlining the supply chain and getting to the final product. Gain insights into lessons learned from cultivars, growing tips, and considerations along the way of turning raw plant material from the farm into a finished product.

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      Business Panel: Strategies, Operations, and Growth

      | | . | Max Juhasz | Teresa Kearney |

      What can set your company apart from all the rest? How do you minimize risk and maximize profits? How do you successfully market your brand? This panel discussion and Q & A session is focused on how to grow a successful business while also learning about the newest market opportunities and emerging trends. Whether it’s marketing, business strategy, growth, legal or financial considerations, etc this panel can answer those questions from first- hand experience.

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      Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget: DIY Techniques for Personal Branding, Content Creation, and List Building

      | | | Chris Vaglio |

      Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to market your product or service on a limited budget? In this presentation, we will discuss various DIY marketing techniques that can help you create a strong personal brand, generate engaging content, and build a loyal customer base without breaking the bank.

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      Cannabis IS Real Medicine

      BALLROOM B | Friday, May 5: 3:00 - 3:50 PM | | Dr. Gabrielle F. Morris |

      From chronic pain and cancer, to PTSD and anxiety, Duber Medical physicians are seeing the wide range of ways cannabis can offer relief to patients, without the side effects of traditional medication. Clinical evidence is growing that shows how this complex plant can treat or manage symptoms of those suffering from physical or mental health conditions in ways that current treatment options do not. Join Dr. Morris as she covers the history of medical marijuana, as well as emerging research, personal anec- dotes and her thoughts on the future of medical cannabis for those looking to heal better, naturally.

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      How To Sell Weed Online – The Smart Way

      | | | Max Juhasz |

      Marketing cannabis can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing. This presentation will go over what works, what doesn’t work and what will be a total waste of money. Avoid the pitfalls and shiny objects that end up costing you more than what you see in return. Bring a notebook and ask questions.

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      Cannabis Security, Beyond Compliance

      | | | Tim Sutton |

      A security plan utilizing the minimum technology and operational procedures to meet compliance requirements with regulations should not be mistaken as a security plan designed to protect the people and property within a cannabis facility. No single state’s security requirements meet the physical protection standards utilized by every type of business. Most state requirements include antiquated and misunderstood elements for security compliance or fail to address many areas entirely.

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      New vs. Established Markets – How to Survive While Navigating Disruption

      | | | Mike Goral |

      New markets to cannabis can benefit from the mistakes made in the past. Capital needs will exceed projections and good record keeping, internal policies and procedures as well as prudent tax planning can help you succeed during these challenging times. This secession will help you develop best practices so that your company can grow and obtain investor confidence.

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      How to Keep Your Cannabis License: Accounting and Tax Tips

      | | | Andrea Lockhart |

      Getting your cannabis license is a major accomplishment. Now is the time to ensure you have the proper procedures and processes in place to remain compliant with all state, local, and federal laws. Attendees will leave with an understanding of best practices for accounting and taxes for all verticals.

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      Plant Sap Analysis 101 for Cannabis Cultivation

      | | | Scott Wall |

      What is plant sap analysis? How is it different from dry tissue analysis? How and when do you collect samples for submission to a plant sap laboratory? How do you read a plant sap report and interpret the data? And most importantly how do you make management decisions from that data? All this will be addressed in a rapid fast passed presentation

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      Cannabis Insurance-Compliance requirements and options

      Cannabis Insurance? Is it legit? How much it costs? Why do I need cannabis approved insurance? What is required by regulation authorities? How reliable are the insurance carriers?Common questions that are frequently asked by new and experienced operators, far too often many operations get insurance through “traditional” channels or through insurance agents who have no idea how the cannabis industry works. Learn what is needed and how to scale coverages as you grow.

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      Why Standard Operating Procedures Are Crucial For The Success Of Your Cannabis Business

      | | | Kady Cravens |

      When your business is in the Cannabis industry, compliance with the regulations is the bottom line to keeping the doors open. So why are there still so many facilities that are operating without SOP practices in place? Today, we will take a closer look at the benefits of having a thorough SOP, what can happen when you don’t have an SOP in place and some solutions to get you started on your journey to full compliance today.

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      The Importance of Natural & Organic-based Methods to Cannabis Production

      | | | Ellis Smith |

      Growing organically is a differentiator. Not everyone is going to grow organically, however it is not as complicated as people think. It can help create market segmentation for cannabis with a higher perceived value protecting against price degradation in highly competitive and maturing markets.Risk Mitigation is key. Growing with organic based and low carbon footprint tech and simplifying using water only living soils.

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      Create a Culture of Compliance: Avoiding Compliance Complacency in the Face of More Regulations

      | | | Jenny Germano |

      It’s important more than ever to ensure there is a strong foundation for compliance in place, as newly awarded licensed operators enter the adult-use cannabis market. Whether you have been awarded a license, or are an existing operator or thinking about entering the market, Compliance is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a successful business under the regulatory microscope.

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      Cannabis odor, Be in the Know

      | | | Derek Stucki |

      Odor is the industry’s biggest public-facing problem – and we are not winning. We will define the current challenge and look at the coming regulatory impact on odor control. A deep dive into why people complain about odor and why it’s complicated is next. Explore available odor control technologies and see what’s working and what’s not. Understand the science of odor elimination. Leave attendees with a clear understanding of challenges and solutions around cannabis odor.

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      How to Develop & Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

      | | | Rick Rainbolt |

      Learn the fundamentals and the pitfalls to avoid in developing a premium exotic flower grow facility and operation. Learn about facility development starting with selecting the correct property, the type of facility to build, how to precisely control the environment, and setting up a perpetual rotation and cultivation program. We’ll cover the (1) Facility (2) Genetics (3) Cultivation. Learn the 3 fundamentals for success in the premium exotic flower niche, the 5 fundamentals to building a premium exotic flower facility, how to set up the facility for perpetual rotation for monthly harvest and how to set up the facility to properly interact with genetics and cultivation.

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      Genetics, Cannabis Tissue Culture & Advanced Cultivation

      | | | Justin Esquivel |

      Take a deep dive into why stable genetics are so important and how you can implement tissue culture into any size cultivation canopy. This will educate & teach the grower how to achieve frosty & flavorful buds time after time!  Learn about how to keep your crop bacteria & pest free from start to finish! Become aware of the greatest and most advanced tricks that can be implemented in home or commercial cultivation to achieve exotic premium buds.  Understand what to look for when choosing the genetics that you will be cultivating under your BRAND.  Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back!  The cream always rises to the top!

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      5 Keys For Raising Capital in Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp

      | | | RAYMOND GUNS |

      Cannabis is a capital-intensive game. Get inside the head of an investor to understand the due diligence they do before investing in your comapny. We will go from a novice in raising capital to expert in 1 hour. Going forward, investors will be much more demanding of cannabis, CBD, & Hemp startups. They expect better internal controls and better accounting policies & procedures. Investors want to see plans for their audit trail.

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