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      Marketing Management for your Cannabis Brand

      | | | David Rula |

      How do you find the best cannabis solutions for your business? Build your ideal tech stack!

      | | | Brian Mayfield |
      Opening a cannabis business is both exciting and overwhelming. How do you evaluate and choose from the many solutions you need to operate your business YOUR way? From cannabis technology, to marketing and branding, to financial services and institutions, Brian will walk through some “dos and don’ts”, and best practices for choosing your business solutions.
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      Hybrid Design- Proven Results

      | | | Cameron Heil |

      In this talk I will explain what aquaponic cannabis production entails. I’ll go into detail about controlled indoor agriculture, aquaponic systems, living soil raised beds, deep water culture vs hydroponics and nutrient needs for growing top quality cannabis.

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      Growing Your Grow

      | | | Michael Chang |

      Starting or increasing the scale of a Cannabis Cultivation can be a costly endeavor. This session provides an introduction into increasing work flow efficiencies and optimizing cultivation protocols. Topics covered will include scalable automation for small and large scale cultivations, work flow optimizations, and cultivation program planning. Also included will be a brief glance at how focused Capital Expenditures can optimize Operating Expenses.

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      Why Standard Operating Procedures Are Crucial For The Success Of Your Cannabis Business

      | | | Kady Cravens |

      When your business is in the Cannabis industry, compliance with the regulations is the bottom line to keeping the doors open. So why are there still so many facilities that are operating without SOP practices in place? Today, we will take a closer look at the benefits of having a thorough SOP, what can happen when you don’t have an SOP in place and some solutions to get you started on your journey to full compliance today.

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      Retail Technology 101: How to Leverage the Right Platforms to Get a Step Ahead in the Cannabis Industry

      | | | Gary Cohen |

      Technology helps retailers grow and scale. It puts dispensaries on the map and drives new business, enables budtenders to provide a smooth and memorable customer experience, and helps streamline operations to drive down costs. But with so many technologies and tools available, how do you know what you really need and how can you tell the good from the bad? Cova CEO Gary Cohen will walk you through some of the key platforms and tools that can help you to run your store and grow your business.

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      Make it or Break It: Tips on How to Survive

      So you’ve started your cannabis business, now what? Growing cannabis is the easiest piece of the pie, but how you manage: finances, HR, hiring, state and federal regulations, scalability, branding, inventory supply, industry connections, and taxes are the pieces that will break you. These are the non-glamorous components most don’t plan for and yet they are the ones that take down companies. Learn how we’ve been able to tackle these head on to survive and thrive in this tumultuous industry.
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      Catch Me if You Cannabis -Legit Cannabis Payments – Seek & You Shall Find

      | | | Robert Casares |

      Engage in an unfiltered discussion shedding light on the current industry hurdles and dispelling misconceptions surrounding cannabis-related payments. Leveraging his extensive expertise in banking, compliance, and anti-money laundering, Robert will present a blend of factual information and firsthand observations gathered throughout his decade-long involvement with diverse payment solutions in the cannabis sector.

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      Are You Audit Ready?

      For CannaBusinesses – it is not a matter of “if” you will be audited – but “when”. Are you and your Cannabis Company prepared?

      We will talk about the different types of audits there are, how different business structures lend to your personal finances being audited and how to be ready when the auditor comes knocking.

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      How to Save $200,000 (and Lose $3 Million) Launching Your Cultivation Start-Up

      | | | Ryan Douglas |
      In hot new cannabis markets, time is of the essence. Demand is high, and supply is low. Cultivators that can rapidly launch their business and come to market are rewarded with attractive profits. 

      But demand won’t always outstrip supply, so the first few years of a cultivation business could be the most lucrative.

      This presentation will provide attendees with practical tips for launching their Mississippi cultivation start-up with less risk, less downtime, and a greater likelihood of success.

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      Your Top Five Legal Considerations Now that You Secured a License

      Congratulations, you now have your license to operate! While this is cause to celebrate, you cannot let your guard down. Certain components of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program and the cannabis industry in general present important legal issues you must consider when moving into the operational phase of your business. Bradley partners Slates Veazey and Whitt Steineker will walk you through those important considerations and explain how you can best prepare for the future.
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      History of Marijuana Legalization and How MS Fits In

      | | | Lisa Pitman |

      History of Legalization: Overview of global marijuana legalization and a discussion of how MS compares.

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      There’s So Much Cash! Best Practices for Securing, Automating and Managing Your Cash Handling

      | | | Shawn Kruger |

      Industrywide, its estimated that between 95 and 99% of all cannabis-related transactions are carried out in cash. There isn’t one reason why this is the case, rather it’s a trifecta of causes legal, financial and social. Until all three of those are relaxed, cash volumes will continue to pour into the cannabis space. This session will share insights into how the industry can benefit from the idea of cash automation or leveraging technology to better manage, count, and store cash.

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      Making the Connection between Risk Management and Profitability

      | | | Justin Shannon |

      Risks in the cannabis industry can vary from slips and falls to fires in your grow rooms. There are things you can do to help prevent them from happening. Making sure you are prepared and ahead of the curve can save you precious time and money. Proper Risk Management in the cannabis industry can lead to Profitability in the end.

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      What to Do (and Not to Do) When Preparing to Apply for a Mississippi Cannabis Business License

      Entrepreneurs, is your business ready for cannabis business licensing in Mississippi? From forming a strong team and finding investors, to acquiring a suitable location and engaging with your community, the long road to receiving a cannabis license can be daunting. Attend this session for helpful tips to get you on the path to success, including examples of common mistakes applicants make in new cannabis markets.

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      Designing for Success: Key Considerations for a Cannabis Cultivation Facility

      | | | Sam Andras |

      The design of your cannabis cultivation facility can literally make or break your business and is worthy of deep consideration. In this session, we’ll outline the key components to consider when planning your grow facility, from how to choose a facility site to designing for future scalability. We’ll discuss the roadmap for planning and timelines for construction giving you a good sense of what to expect from submitting designs for your license to becoming operational.

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      Democratizing “Green Zone” Data: How PropTech is Shaping Cannabis Real Estate

      Cannabis is one of the fastest growing and most highly regulated industries in the nation.  Identifying and securing cannabis real estate brings its own share of complexities and competition. Whether you’re applying for a license, just won a license, or looking to expand operations, learn how PropTech can help you unlock green zones for cannabis real estate and enhance the value of your commercial property. Discover how to optimize your search and gain access to compliant locations effectively and expeditiously. Gain insight on essentials to consider when evaluating commercial properties and common areas of oversight. Learn how cannabis-specific PropTech is helping operators. Audience members will also receive a regional overview of key markets where PropTech is vital to finding property that meets both state regulations and local variances.

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      It’s Complicated: Advertising Cannabis

      You know you wanna, but can you? Well, it’s complicated. Cannabis advertisers have more to worry about than most brands. They need to consider FCC guidelines, federal and state regulations, and advertising company restrictions, too. Many media companies, like Meta and Google, have banned cannabis advertising altogether. In this session, you will walk away with an understanding of the current advertising landscape for the cannabis industry and five tactics that will help you gain an edge.

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      How To Get a Bank Account (And Keep It!)

      | | | Dom Marella |

      So you’re opening up a cannabis business in Mississippi? You must have thick skin. Cannabis operators are not only challenged by hurdles faced by every new business, but face additional compliance and risk burden. You’ve probably heard stories about the lack of banking and the dangers of cash management. Cannabis is not unbanked … it is underbanked. In this session, you will learn about compliant banking, payments and, even, lending options accessible to the cannabis industry.

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      Cannabis odor, Be in the Know

      | | | Derek Stucki |

      Odor is the industry’s biggest public-facing problem – and we are not winning. We will define the current challenge and look at the coming regulatory impact on odor control. A deep dive into why people complain about odor and why it’s complicated is next. Explore available odor control technologies and see what’s working and what’s not. Understand the science of odor elimination. Leave attendees with a clear understanding of challenges and solutions around cannabis odor.

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      The Importance of Zoning in Cannabis Operations

      | | | James Thorburn |

      This presentation will identify the high-level role zoning laws play in cannabis operations.
      It will provide a business owner with resources the business owner can use to navigate and comply with local zoning ordinances.
      It will explore common requirements imposed by local jurisdictions and the steps a business can take to comply with those requirements.
      It will explore how a business owner can come into compliance if the business has been issued a notice by state or local regulators

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      Technology in the Cannabis Packaging Space

      | | | John Hartsell |
      Supply chain issues are some of the hardest challenges for businesses to overcome today. In the highly regulated cannabis industry, these difficulties are augmented due to state-by-state laws, the fluctuation in organic cannabis matter over time, and the complexities of compliance regulations. However, early planning, coupled with the right technology and automation, can help businesses navigate the cannabis supply chain effectively. Attendees will learn how to develop a sophisticated logistics plan to mitigate risk and propel operations forward. A comprehensive overview of the different types of technologies available and how to integrate them into an operation’s seed-to-sale processes to ensure both quality and compliance will also be covered, including the impact of state weights and measures laws.
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      How to Open a Dispensary 101: Licensing & Application Phase

      | | | Maxime Kot |

      With cannabis sales projected to generate over $22B in 2021, investors are considering what license opportunities have the most potential. A dispensary license offers a healthy profit margin with most new operations 75% profitable within the first year of opening. New Mexico entrepreneurs interested in applying for a license will learn what they need to consider and how to prepare for their dispensary application.

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      Protecting Your Green: Utilizing Payroll, HR and Timekeeping to Keep Your Cannabis Operation Compliant

      | | | Teresa Kearney |

      For those knowledgeable in cannabis but not as strong in back office practices, this session is for you. Learn the simple processes that will keep you legally compliant and help your cannabis business run smoothly. Often overlooked, Payroll, HR and Timekeeping can drive your business to success or failure. Learn the essentials from a payroll professional. Teresa will discuss 1099 vs. W2, employee handbooks and job descriptions, HR/OSHA compliance and more.

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      What Can Marketers Learn From FDA/FTC Enforcement Trends

      | | | Asa Waldstein |

      In this session, we review recent enforcement trends and discuss ways companies operating in the hemp-CBD marketplace can limit their risk, while still be truthful and not misleading. This includes identifying high-risk verbiage and providing examples of lower-risk ways to get the same message across. This discussion reviews the dos and don’ts of digital marketing such as best practices for blog posts.

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      Cannabis Tax Codes: Keeping you ahead of the law

      | | | Rose Taylor |

      Did you know the IRS can deny deductions completely if
      you are operating without good records? Also since there
      are no “deductions” in cannabis it’s important that your
      cost of goods sold is flowing properly through inventory
      which is a business asset.

      Under an audit having actual receipts looks great. You can
      try to recreate your expenses from a bank or credit card
      statement… but what if they are paid in cash?

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