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      Minneapolis 2024

      Exploring Innovations in the Cannabis Supply Chain

      | | | Andre Winters |

      How to Plan, Design & Build the optimal grow facility

      | | | Jeff Lair |

      One of the most important elements of running a successful cannabis operation is having the right facility for your business. Very often, people moving into cannabis production at a large scale are unaware of the difficulty in planning a facility, building it, and finally growing a consistent quality level crop. Jeff Lair utilizes his experience in the design and commissioning of over 200 facilities in North America to ensure new and even experienced growers know the path to success.

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      Developing and Protecting Your Cannabis Brand

      | | . | Aaron Pelley |

      Brand protection is the shield that defends your carefully crafted brand identity. It allows you to build trust with customers and establish yourself in the marketplace. By safeguarding your brand, you are safeguarding your business’s future. In this presentation we will discuss initial steps today to secure your brand and set your company on the path to long-term success.

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      The Future of Cannabis Tourism in Minnesota

      Embark on a journey through the emerging landscape of cannabis travel and tourism in Minnesota with our panel of experts, who span the traditional tourism sector and the innovative world of cannabis experiences. This session will tackle common community concerns, including safety and education, and draw lessons from the hospitality industry to enhance the economic benefits of cannabis tourism. Our panelists, featuring a board member from the Cannabis Travel Association International, will present key findings from the annual cannabis travel data report and demonstrate how the Advocacy Toolkit can empower brands to engage with and support their communities. They will also share their personal successes in crafting cannabis tourism offerings, providing tangible examples and inspiration for what can be achieved in the Minnesota market.

      Key Takeaways:

      • Community Engagement: Strategies to address and alleviate common concerns surrounding safety and education in cannabis tourism.
      • Industry Insights: Lessons from traditional tourism that can be applied to create safe, enjoyable, and educational cannabis travel experiences.
      • Economic Impact: Understanding the substantial economic benefits that cannabis tourism can bring to Minnesota.
      • Best Practices: Expert recommendations for developing successful cannabis tourism experiences.
      • Data-Driven Decisions: Insights from the annual cannabis travel data report and how to use the Advocacy Toolkit to build community support and engagement for cannabis tourism initiatives.
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      Leveraging AI to Improve Cannabis Cultivation

      | | | Quinton Krueger |

      Learn how AI systems from object detection to spectral analysis are providing unique insights to cannabis cultivators to improve efficiency, quality and yield. Advanced AI is allowing cultivators to precision deploy labor resources and optimize the timing and efficacy of crucial plant maintenance activities.

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      Cannabis cultivation and operations: from legacy to legitimacy

      Cannabis cultivation and operations: from legacy to legitimacy. What does operating and cultivating in a regulated market look like? Growing a plant in a 4 x 4 tent is much different than growing multiple rooms under 20,000 ft². Operating in one of the most expensive regulated industries there is to date, not only takes skill and patience, but also an understanding of how things can change overnight or in a split second.

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      Illuminating Plant Growth: Understanding the Emerson Effect, Cryptochromes, and Phytochromes in CEA

      | | | Liam Spenser |

      This presentation dives deep in to the details of the Emerson effect, and how it dramatically improves photosynthesis rates and how to take advantage of it. We also explore the purpose, mechanism and value of the pigments cryptochrome and phytochrome – the research associated and the impact they have on plant growth (morphology and quality, and yield). The objective is to deliver this knowledge to growers and arm them with the tools to implement these concepts in their cultivations.

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      Simplify, Support, & Succeed in Growing Cannabis. How to Get Through the First Year!

      | | | Kevin Sikkink |

      Simplify, Support, & Succeed in Growing Cannabis. How to Get Through the First Year!

      Help Businesses and individuals interested in cultivation. This is done by simplifying the approach and process , supporting through education and resources, and lastly staying focused on the most important goal in cultivation, Succeeding!

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      Lessons From a Mature Market

      | | | Willie McKenzie |

      As an operator in a mature market (Michigan),Willie will be sharing his insights and experience with operators in newer markets. The mistakes, the trials and tribulations, the unforeseen market conditions, the problems with raising money, all of it. For an operator in a newer market, hearing these cautionary tales is like seeing into the future. The MN market will undoubtedly go through the same cycles, it’s just a matter of time.

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      Growing in Living soils ROI you can beat with any other cultivation methods

      | | | Tyler Platt |

      My presentation breaks down the costs and long-term benefits of Living soil cannabis cultivation on a commercial scale. Here at Grassroots, we are the premier Living soil raised bed and fabric pots manufacturers but also, we are now leaders in the education side of the industry. I’m the host and MC for the event. Our last event was phenomenally successful.

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      The Intersection of Cannabis and Commercial Real Estate in Minnesota

      | | | Mitchel Chargo |

      Commercial real estate is the foundation to a successful cannabis business operation. Locating and securing commercial property for a cannabis business that is compliant with applicable zoning ordinances and regulatory requirements is crucial. Understanding important concepts relative to a lease or acquisition are essential. This session will highlight the interplay between leasing or purchasing commercial real estate, cannabis licensing, and cannabis operations.

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      The Next Evolution of Cannabis Genetics

      With new technologies and techniques emerging, production operations are faced with challenges while scaling to meet demand. Through modern breeding techniques, including marker-assisted and data-driven selection, growers can now transition to F1 hybrid seeds that improve economics, increase yields, and transition from the labor-intensive growing practices of the past. This session will empower growers to make informed decisions when evaluating and choosing the best genetics for your success.

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      How to Successfully Operate Within Minnesota’s Unique Cannabis Policies

      | | | Leili Fatehi |

      Minnesota’s cannabis industry laws and regulatory framework are distinct from other states and have significant implications from a policy standpoint. Learn how the state is incentivizing cross-industry collaboration and how brands and partnerships can develop differently from other state markets. Top topics: How should cannabis companies collectively build industry-wide capacity to make a viable market? How should businesses be designed to mitigate risk? How can they best control costs?

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      5 Ways to Market Your Dispensary like a Fortune 100 Enterprise

      | | | Dan Mondello |

      Unlock the secrets to elevate your dispensary’s marketing game. Dive into strategic insights inspired by the success of Fortune 100 giants. Learn how to enhance your dispensary’s visibility, leverage cutting-edge techniques, and implement proven strategies tailored to the competitive cannabis market. This presentation will teach you how to elevate your brand presence and customer engagement, thinking like a Fortune 100 company.

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      Improving Cultivation through Irrigation Science

      The purpose of this presentation is to educate cultivators on the properties of soil and water that affect irrigation and the tools available to automate their systems. Viewers will learn how to understand soil moisture, how to use tools to measure their moisture, and how to automate their irrigation systems to create happier and healthier plants.

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      Navigating Minnesota’s Cannabis Industry: Regulations, App Process, and Operational Considerations

      Watch as this panel of four other industry leaders provide a comprehensive guide on stepping into Minnesota’s nascent cannabis market. Collaborating with Blunt Strategies, Point Seven Group, and Budding Operations, this session promises invaluable expertise and insights on the exciting times ahead in Minnesota.

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      The Record Store Died & The Dispensary was Born

      | | | Jason McHugh |

      We are on the verge of a cultural shift in which the arts can deliver potent & proven solutions for human well being. The field of Neuro-Aesthetics is teaching us how art transforms our brain & offers real healing. It turns out the benefits that art provides are similar benefits that cannabis customers are looking for when they shop! The record store died & the dispensary was born with a huge gap to fill that’s full of potentially deep customer engagement opportunity.

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      Budding Opportunities: Setting Up Your Cannabis Business in Minnesota

      | | | Jason Tarasek |

      Whether you are launching an adult-use cannabis business or sticking to hemp-derived THC products, cannabis attorney Jason Tarasek will educate you on the opportunities and pitfalls in Minnesota’s cannabis market.

      Attend this session for an overview of cannabis business licenses that will soon be available in Minnesota, licensing procedures, product selection, social equity considerations, and best practices help to set entrepreneurs onto the path to success.

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      Growing Your Cannabusiness: Cultivating Memorable Content to Connect & Convert

      | | | Cari O’Brien |

      Minnesota’s budding cannabis industry offers cannabusinesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow strong, revenue-generating brands and cultivate a loyal customer base. But with so many copy-and-pasted, AI-generated articles flooding the web, you’ve got to tap into what makes your brand unique to create something your audience truly cares about. This session explores how to identify multi-dimensional customers and craft unique, inclusive content to stand out and leave fans eager for more.

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      Embracing the Experience Economy in Cannabis Tourism

      | | | Laura Hand |
      This talk will examine integrating the experience economy into the cannabis industry, focusing on creating unique, personalized experiences for customers. We’ll discuss strategies to blend cannabis with culture-rich offerings, catering to modern consumer demands. Learn how special moments and exclusive services can transform your cannabis business, attracting more customers and increasing profits.
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      Meet the Cannabis Press

      “Behind the Headlines: Meet Editors and Journalists Covering the Cannabis Industry” offers a unique opportunity for individuals to gain insight into the cannabis industry from the perspective of editors and writers who cover it. Attendees will hear from a panel that specializes in cannabis coverage and gain an understanding of the trends and issues facing the industry.


      This event will explore the challenges faced by journalists when covering cannabis, such as navigating the changing legal landscape and accurately reporting on the medical and scientific aspects of cannabis use. Attendees will also have the chance to ask questions and engage in a dialogue with the panel, providing a valuable opportunity to learn from the experts on the front lines of cannabis journalism.

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      Enough is Enough: How Much Tech Do You Really Need to Sell Cannabis?

      | | | Chris Reid |

      In this session, Chris will break down the tech stack and unpack the essential software you need to get started, what to look for, how much to budget, and where you’ll get the best. You’ll gain an understanding of vital tech solutions including POS, eCommerce, payments, CRM, along with the key features to look for when choosing them.

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      Post-Harvest Environment- Taking Control and Increasing Profitability

      | | | David Sandelman |

      The post harvest process is misunderstood and often neglected. Attendees will gain an understanding of the physics of drying, curing and storage. By understanding the relationship between temperature, dew point and relative humidity growers can better control the variables that impact their final product. We’ll talk about things can go wrong in post harvest and some practical ways to improve the conditions in existing and spaces and new construction.

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      Legal Panel

      | | | Aaron Pelley |

      Legal Panel

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      How Finance Teams Increase Profits

      We hope to underscore the critical value of finance teams in fostering financial health, operational efficiency, and strategic agility. By optimizing costs, maximizing revenue, and supporting continuous improvement, finance teams empower businesses to make informed decisions. Thus contributing to long-term profitability and success.

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      Cannabis Genetics, Even a CFO Can Love – An enlightening guide to optimizing your operations and boosting your bottom line.

      | | | Leif Olsen |

      This informative presentation offers a deep dive into creating a successful, customer-centric, scalable dispensary business. Gain insights on licensing, funding, and operating in Minnesota’s emerging market, delivered by industry professionals with success in multistate licensure. We’ll cover application essentials, state laws, and effective operational practices from startups to top-tier operations. Prepare for a valuable exploration of the industry, from vision to venture, challenge to success.

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      Cannabis Business startup 101

      | | | Warren Harasz |

      Which license type should you pursue, at what scale of production, and what niche in the market are you filling? Where will you operate, what does that market look like in terms of sales activity, and can you locate real estate in the appropriately zoned area of the municipality? What are your start-up costs, and what are your operational expenses, how will you set this company up to be profitable? We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of starting a business in the Minnesota market, and what kind of planning and research a smart business owner should do to ensure a successful launch of a lasting business.

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      How to Execute Your Operational Plans for a Successful Launch in Minnesota

      | | | Sara Gullickson |

      This comprehensive style discussion will focus on the essential next steps operators need to take once they’ve had their license application approved. Sara will cover high-level initiatives for a successful launch, including SOPs, real estate, marketing, branding, and actionable steps to ensure Approval to Operate (ATO). Audience members will learn how to execute their business plan successfully from post-application win to eventual launch.

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      Navigating the Green Rush: The Emergence of Minnesota’s Legalized Adult-Use Cannabis Industry & Its Regional Impact

      | | | Nic Easley |

      In 2023, Minnesota became the 23rd state to legalize adult-use cannabis, but where are we now? Explore the business potential of this newly legalized industry and its implications for the broader region. Learn best practices for navigating the regulatory framework, development and operational challenges, licensing process, and expected timelines. Gain insights on financing options, and how to avoid industry pitfalls. Equip yourself with the knowledge to thrive in this emerging market.

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      How to Develop & Succeed in the Premium Exotic Flower Niche

      | | | Rick Rainbolt |

      Learn the fundamentals and the pitfalls to avoid in developing a premium exotic flower grow facility and operation. Learn about facility development starting with selecting the correct property, the type of facility to build, how to precisely control the environment, and setting up a perpetual rotation and cultivation program.

      The session will substantially help in avoiding costly mistakes and make sure growers are on the right path to developing a successful premium flower operation.

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      Cultivating Success: Navigating the Digital Landscape for Cannabis Businesses

      | | | Jessi Gurr |

      Everyone knows that a strong digital footprint is not only good to have – it’s a must in today’s marketing world. In this talk, we explore the most important parts of your online marketing strategy: from mastering Google Business Profiles for enhanced visibility, to creating a website that tells your unique brand story. We’ll explore effective ways to use social media within industry regulations, and why relying solely on directories isn’t enough. Join us to elevate your online presence!

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      Accelerate Your ROI With a Strategic Packaging Plan

      | | | Jeff Scrabeck |

      Join Jeff Scrabeck, co-founder of DIZPOT April 26th at Lucky Leaf MN to get the scoop on building a smart packaging strategy that elevates your brand. He will unpack how to merge brand values with regulatory needs, all while watching the bottom line.

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      Plant Life Cycle from Seed to Consumer Through the Perspective of Minnesota Women in Cannabis

      The journey of cannabis from seed to consumer requires meticulous care, adherence to regulations, and a focus on quality to ensure a safe and consistent experience for consumers. Understanding this process is essential to appreciate the expertise and effort involved in bringing cannabis to market while maintaining responsible access. Our presentation will provide a detailed exploration of the journey, covering key stages that contribute to the quality, safety, and legality of the product

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      High Tech Haze

      | | | Jason Smallheer |

      Unlock the potential of cannabis marketing with “High-Tech Haze.” Explore streaming TV, audio, website importance, SEO, and social media for effective dispensary promotion. Elevate your digital strategy and thrive in this evolving landscape. Join us in unraveling the power of digital marketing for cannabis.

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      Cannabis and Health Equity: Navigating Mental Health Disparities in Black Healthcare in the United States

      | | | Paloma Lehfeldt |

      By addressing the complex issues surrounding cannabis, mental health, and health equity within the Black healthcare community, this presentation aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges at hand and inspire action toward positive change.The healthcare landscape in the United States stands on the cusp of a significant change with cannabis potentially entering the realm of prescription drugs as it undergoes rescheduling.

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      Is pre-roll automation right for your growing business?

      | | | Anthony Pagni |

      Navigating Minnesota’s Changing Cannabis Laws

      Join two partners from leading Minnesota cannabis firm North Star Law Group for a detailed discussion of our changing cannabis laws, including:-Licensing for cannabis businesses-Expungable offenses and process-Criminal laws-Status of hemp-derived edibles and beverages

      We’ll discuss rulemaking and expected timing, and leave time for questions from the audience.

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      How to Leverage PR for Cannabis Businesses

      With the ever-changing media landscape, the highly competitive cannabis industry, and advertising and marketing restrictions put on the cannabis industry, PR can be leveraged to propel cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses to the next level. In this presentation, attendees will receive a high-level overview of the differences in B2B and B2C communications strategies, the importance of tying all messaging back to a campaign, and how businesses of all levels can immediately start planning and implement an effective communication strategy.

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      How to Win in Minnesota’s Cannabis Industry

      Minnesota recently launched a cannabis adult-use program that will be both fortuitous and ruinous for many. How do you ensure you are set up for success? We will discuss what has worked and what has not worked in various states, specifically focusing on issues within the rules in Minnesota’s law. Through real world examples, we guide you through various issues faced by budding entrepreneurs such as banking, raising capital, and obtaining a license. Where do you get started and how do you avoid common pitfalls? Come join us to learn how to win in Minnesota’s cannabis industry.

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      Automation in Cannabis

      | | | Kurt Kinneman |

      The presentation on automation in cannabis will explore the role of technology in enhancing the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of growing and extracting cannabis. It will cover the different types of automation technologies used in growing and extracting, including PLCs, microprocessors, sensors, and equipment that can be controlled.

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      Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget: DIY Techniques for Personal Branding, Content Creation, and List Building

      | | | Chris Vaglio |

      Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to market your product or service on a limited budget? In this presentation, we will discuss various DIY marketing techniques that can help you create a strong personal brand, generate engaging content, and build a loyal customer base without breaking the bank.

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      Mastering Humidity for Optimal Yields

      | | | Matthew Cullen |

      The focus of this seminar is the creation of healthy environments for your indoor cultivation spaces. We will explore the major factors that go into developing an ideal climate for your garden to thrive. Humidity control is where Anden plants its flag and we will discuss a number of popular trends in humidity control. We will look into the considerations for and the limitations of differing systems. There is no “one right way”, but there are some ways better suited to your next garden.

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      Licensing Cannabis Brands

      | | | Luke Batty |

      This seminar will help aspiring multistate cannabis brands, manufacturers, and dispensary operators understand the fundamentals of a brand licensing relationship. We will summarize the different assets that can be licensed across state lines and identify the key provisions that may avoid contentious and expensive disputes. This seminar will prepare brands and their licensee partners to develop solid business models and legal agreements that protect their interests. Attendees will leave this seminar armed with a solid understanding of the core elements required to build such a relationship while avoiding common and painful (i.e., expensive) mistakes. 

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      Cannabis Insurance-Compliance requirements and options

      Cannabis Insurance? Is it legit? How much it costs? Why do I need cannabis approved insurance? What is required by regulation authorities? How reliable are the insurance carriers?Common questions that are frequently asked by new and experienced operators, far too often many operations get insurance through “traditional” channels or through insurance agents who have no idea how the cannabis industry works. Learn what is needed and how to scale coverages as you grow.

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