Albuquerque 2022

Lighting Considerations for Cannabis Cultivation

| | | Damon Hebert |

This talk will cover lighting considerations for cannabis, including proper intensity, Daily Light Integral, Spectrum and Photoperiod. We will explore artificial lighting and its applications in both indoor and mixed-light greenhouses. This talk will also cover non-electric, sustainable spectral control technologies becoming popular today, including luminescent quantum dot and dye films, coating technologies, and colored shade netting.

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Cannabinoid Medicine: Knowing the Health Benefits for Your B2B Clients

There are endless CBD companies for your clients to choose from. So how do you influence them to buy your product? Know the medical information that makes your product stand out. This presentation will delve into the health benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to better assist your clients in choosing and creating cannabinoid products.

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Beyond Emulsions – current best practices in bioavailability and predictability for infused products

As the industry moves beyond emulsions, discover best practices in fast-acting technology and learn how industry leaders are addressing the immediate issues in edibles, such as onset time, accuracy in dosing, shelf stability and ease of use, and how they’re creating the future of edibles by creating the best toolbox for edibles manufacturers.

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Infused edibles are the future

| | | Ron Silver |

As consumers continue to demand more predictability and faster effectiveness in edibles, products with quick onset will dominate the marketplace. Chef Ron Silver can teach you how it’s done. Ron has combined his culinary know-how with his love of cannabis, CBD, and science to find a way to create edibles that are fast acting and predictable. Learn the science behind these fast-acting formations and how to incorporate canna-tech into your model.

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Technology in the Cannabis Packaging Space

| | | John Hartsell |

Supply chain issues are some of the hardest challenges for businesses to overcome today. In the highly regulated cannabis industry, these difficulties are augmented due to state-by-state laws, the fluctuation in organic cannabis matter over time, and the complexities of compliance regulations. However, early planning, coupled with the right technology and automation, can help businesses navigate the cannabis supply chain effectively. Attendees will learn how to develop a sophisticated logistics plan to mitigate risk and propel operations forward. A comprehensive overview of the different types of technologies available and how to integrate them into an operation’s seed-to-sale processes to ensure both quality and compliance will also be covered, including the impact of state weights and measures laws.

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Developing New Mexico’s Cannabis Workforce

Labor shortages are a real concern for many industries right now, especially for the newly legalized cannabis Industry of New Mexico. This presentation will resolve the need to create a Labor Pool and Educational infrastructure for New Mexicans wishing to participate in the local cannabis industry. We will explore how New Mexico can capacity build around this workforce opportunity and how standardizing the way professionals break into the industry will attract more high-level, management and executive talent to employers starting up and expanding.

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| | | James |

James Thorburn is the leader in the most innovative and sophisticated cannabis litigation in the nation and has had several published opinions, including Justice Thomas’ Statement in Standing Akimbo v United States, 594 U. S. ____ (2021). He has received national recognition as a leading litigator for the cannabis industry’s highest profile cases – and has recognized significant wins for the industry along the way. He also received the National Law Journal Cannabis Law Trailblazer award for 2019

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Into the Weeds

| | | Ryan Milam |

The cannabis industry presents unique challenges to business owners when it comes to managing finances, accounting and taxes. Navigating changing state and federal regulations and maintaining compliance with the IRS tax code can be a daunting task in such a highly-regulated industry. This workshop will cover the basics of cannabis accounting, why it is important and the audit risks involved with this industry.

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Hierarchy of Loyalty: Advanced Marketing Tactics to Power Growth and Increase Revenue

You know the saying; it’s far easier to keep a customer than get a new one. But loyalty isn’t just about repeat business. You must create such a positive impact on your customer that they sing your praises to everyone in their orbit. In this session, we’ll analyze new market research that supports a hierarchical model of loyalty. Whether you’re a retailer, brand, or B2B business, you’ll learn marketing tactics and techniques that can be used to build and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

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Reducing Your 280E Footprint: Navigating the tax weeds of cannabis

| | | Rose Taylor |

Attendees will gain a solid understanding of cost of goods sold, different entity types, and what they can do now to minimize income tax.

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