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The need for professional Cannabis education to enhance and develop the cannabis industry

| | | Kevin Greene |

From Coldstone to Cannabis: Reimagining Dispensary Retail

Description: There’s a reason why 90 percent of U.S. consumers prefer national brands over local ones, but is a franchise model attainable in an industry like cannabis? Learn how commercial real estate and QSR innovators are redefining the dispensary experience for the modern consumer, while simultaneously offering new and safer opportunities for investors.

Key Takeaways:

Proven franchising tools and organizational tactics that can be applied to the cannabis industry for multi-state expansion and national recognition.

Why cannabis zoning and real estate is intrinsically linked to the success of a turnkey dispensary franchise.

Why a cannabis franchise is a safer investment strategy.

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Gaining Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation

| | | Deron Caplan |

As cannabis production facilities increase in scale and number, keeping production costs down is increasingly essential to stay competitive. This presentation will draw on lessons learned from designing, building, and operating large-scale cannabis facilities to provide practical guidance on gaining efficiencies. Topics include; labour, consumable inputs, equipment selection and cultivation strategies.

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How and Why Develop a World Class Premium Exotic Flower Operation

HGI’s facilities are hygienical ‘organic’ environments for biologic methods and organic best practices and are designed for perpetual high-yield grow cycles, giving clients a year-round production schedule. HGI’s innovative process maintains the True Organic Value or “Composition” of the Hemp/Cannabis plants’ medicinal potential without the added physical deterioration which distorts the final product. The result is full-spectrum, whole-plant concentrates that smell, taste, and test at the highest level of medicinal effectiveness.

Rick has played a role in the Legislative process in helping states become legal to grow Industrial Hemp/Cannabis in addition to consulting on the development of rules and regulation packages. Helping other states become legal to grow Hemp/Cannabis, in addition to having helped dozens of individuals navigate the permit application process, is one of Rick’s way of giving back to the industry.

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| | | Stephen Arndt |

This seminar focuses on the security and compliance issues that effect all types of cannabis businesses from manufacturing to a growth facility to dispensaries. I will show you the technology and a few simple steps you can take right now to make sure your business can effectively and economically deploy security measures as well as simplifying your compliance strategies.

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Cannabis & Self-Care: Linking Data to Deliver Insights

| | | Helen Moran |

First party data belonging to cannabis operators provides a limited amount of insight into their business and customers. We’d like to show you how linking point of sale data to advanced health and consumer insights can provide you with ways to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. Join us to learn how to increase your profits and improve customer loyalty by making linked data work for you.

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Genetic Selecting and Strategic Cultivation

Selecting genetics that were bred for your specific region. Seed viability, the importance of a “radical. Cultivation techniques appropriate for your end product, environment and genotype.

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How to Open a Dispensary 101: Licensing & Application Phase

| | | Maxime Kot |

With cannabis sales projected to generate over $22B in 2021, investors are considering what license opportunities have the most potential. A dispensary license offers a healthy profit margin with most new operations 75% profitable within the first year of opening. New Mexico entrepreneurs interested in applying for a license will learn what they need to consider and how to prepare for their dispensary application.

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Data Drives: the key metrics that relate to the success of your cannabis business, yielding greater net operating margin through HR, compliance, and accounting.

The Support Suite will review the key data metrics that any Cannabis business must be mindful of to be successful. These metrics are tied to a strong HR function, an accounting and finance function that runs like clockwork and provides valuable business insights, and a compliance function that keeps businesses aligned with strict regulatory requirements.

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Getting Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Industry

Learn detailed information about the type of documents investors require prior to funding consideration, identifying the right investors for your company and how to go about finding them, other unique ways of raising capital without seeking investors and what not to do or say when speaking with investors.

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Terpene 101: Tiny molecules with HUGE benefits!

| | | Samuel Shore |

During this presentation we will review the most commonly occurring terpenes found in cannabis. We will have a clear understand on why terpenes exist in nature, as well as the different types of terpenes. There will also be a thorough review of the potential medicinal benefits of terpenes, as well as the different ways one can consume terpenes. Finally we will review terpene synergy with other terpenes and cannabinoids.

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The Cannabis Marketing Pyramid: A Step-By-Step Process to Creating a Winning Cannabis Brand

Welcome to the new WILD WEST of marketing: the cannabis industry! Boundaries and restrictions force cannabis marketers to think creatively and take big risks. In this session, we’ll explore the strategies, tactics, and tools that you can implement in your own business. From foundational to advanced, this session provides the audience a step-by-step process to creating a winning cannabis brand.

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Cannabinoid Medicine: Knowing the Health Benefits for Your B2B Clients

There are endless CBD companies for your clients to choose from. So how do you influence them to buy your product? Know the medical information that makes your product stand out. This presentation will delve into the health benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to better assist your clients in choosing and creating cannabinoid products.

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Safe, Secure and Legal Credit Card Processing

| | | Andy Anderson |

There is now a safe, secure and above all legal way for the CBD and Cannabis industry to take credit card payments and best of all the processing fees are paid by the customer not the merchant. We work in all fifty states, if your product is legal in your state we can set you up to accept virtually any credit card. It’s a proven point that accepting credit cards over cash only will effectively improve your sales volume and you can track your sales on your mobile device from anywhere.

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An Exploratory Discussion on Increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency

| | | George Murray |

The nutritional pitfalls in the water solution and soil, and how to avoid them. How to increase metabolic function in plants by leveraging amino acids at certain stages of plant growth (transplant, vegetative, etc.). Nitrogen fixation into organic compounds in the plant–and the role amino acids play–and then discuss chlorophyll production, etc., Wrapping up with a discussion on the metabolic work with L-glutamic acid on turf, and ending as an open-ended discussion.

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Cannabis Tax Codes: Keeping you ahead of the law

| | | Rose Taylor |

Did you know the IRS can deny deductions completely if
you are operating without good records? Also since there
are no “deductions” in cannabis it’s important that your
cost of goods sold is flowing properly through inventory
which is a business asset.

Under an audit having actual receipts looks great. You can
try to recreate your expenses from a bank or credit card
statement… but what if they are paid in cash? Part of our
monthly bookkeeping for clients includes electronic
receipt storage

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Indoor Cannabis Grow Rooms Design

| | | Paul Stewart |

This presentation provides a guide for the Design and operation of the HVACD for a sustainable Building. The HVACD system is critical to improve yield, control the quality, protect your margins and prevent mold and disease. We will provide you with an overview of the proper design and what factors need to be considered. After the session, you will be able to understand the different systems options and the advantages of each.

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The 11 Basics Every Cannapreneur Should Know About Cannabis Accounting

Companies operating in cannabis, hemp and CBD can face very stringent regulations and requirements. From federal taxation complexities to state seed-to-sale tracking requirements, your passion for the plant can be quickly tempered by incorrect or incomplete accounting. In this crash course, we’ll discuss the 11 basics every cannapreneur should know about accounting for your cannabusiness. Whether you’re new to the industry or a canna-veteran, you’re sure to find this session fun and informative!

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How to Implement Corporate Social Responsibility to Achieve Your Business Vision

Growing your individual business consists of community focused initiatives and the conscious effort of bettering your local community. Through expanding Fourtwenty Collections, the team quickly realized partnering and supporting business with mutual business values and ethics enables all parties to benefit. With the competitiveness surrounding the cannabis industry, it is important to find allies and trustworthy organizations to partner with and understand there is room for everyone to succeed.

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Protecting Your Green: Utilizing Payroll, HR and Timekeeping to Keep Your Cannabis Operation Compliant

For those knowledgeable in cannabis but not as strong in back office practices, this session is for you. Learn the simple processes that will keep you legally compliant and help your cannabis business run smoothly. Often overlooked, Payroll, HR and Timekeeping can drive your business to success or failure. Learn the essentials from a payroll professional. Teresa will discuss 1099 vs. W2, employee handbooks and job descriptions, HR/OSHA compliance and more.

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Licensing 101: Expanding your reach within the Cannabis Industry

As cannabis companies seek new growth strategies, many are seizing a golden opportunity: licensing their intellectual property, converting your company’s cutting edge technology into new revenue streams. Offering licensees access to manufacturing processes, brands, copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other technology can help you break into new territories and take your brand to the next level.

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Greenhouse Sunlight Optimization: Sustainable Approaches to Enhanced Cultivation

| | | Damon Hebert |

The spectral quality of sunlight in greenhouse production of Cannabis is a cultivation parameter that remains to be optimized. Many options exist, and this talk will explore those non-electric, sustainable spectral control technologies becoming popular today, including luminescent quantum dot and dye films, coating technologies, and colored shade netting. These technologies show promise in enabling passive, electricity-free spectral modification for improved crop growth under sunlight.

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Infused edibles are the future

| | | Ron Silver |

As consumers continue to demand more predictability and faster effectiveness in edibles, products with quick onset will dominate the marketplace. Chef Ron Silver can teach you how it’s done. Ron has combined his culinary know-how with his love of cannabis, CBD, and science to find a way to create edibles that are fast acting and predictable. Learn the science behind these fast-acting formations and how to incorporate canna-tech into your model.

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Lessons Learned from 7 years in the US Hemp Industry

This presentation focuses on sharing lessons learned from the past 7 years in the Industry. Monte founded SLV Hemp in 2014 and has many stories about farming, processing, investing, end product creation and marketing to share. These stories will help you avoid some of the challenges involved in creating a new Industry.

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